Purist Aqueous PC vs. Dominus PC for CD player

I was curious if anyone has done a direct comparison on a cd player between the Purist Aqueous and the Dominus power cords. I currently am using a GNSC modded Resolution Audio Opus 21 with a Kubala Sosna Emotion power cord. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Tvad, I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about either one. I have used the Dominus Ferox on my power amp in the past, but could not experiment with it on my CDP because it was a 20 amp cord. Thank you
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Tvad, thank you for your response. With all due respect, I don't remember asking for you to tell me what I would prefer. I am asking what YOUR impressions were between the two cords. What were the differences that YOU heard? I am not trying to seem sarcastic, but was a bit bewildered by your response. Thank you
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Tvad, thank you again for your response. Did you notice a diffence in transparency between the Aqueous and either Dominus, and also was there a clear winner in terms of soundstaging? Thank you.

I have to echo Tvad's post. He pretty much nailed my impressions of these power cords.

I might add, I do like the fluid Dominus in some applications better than Ferrox. Mostly on Digital. Also, the fluid did work very well on my turntable motor controller. All other areas (preamps, amps) I liked the Ferrox. But I am running all tube amps and pre's. Solid state or a different system may yield a different result.

The Purist 20th Anniversary, yields a improvement over the Dominus. Blacker back ground (much), better details, seems to blend the mids of fluid, the extremes of Ferrox, all perferctly. It's just a amazing cord. Sounds like live music in a killer venue - like the Myerson in Dallas.

Personally, you can't go wrong here. They do get better the more you spend.

Good luck !
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at this price range, consider also the acrolink PC7100. Its very very good for CD players.
I suggest being careful about all of this. Yes, one power cord might have fuller lows, or another greater highs, but change is not necessarily improvement. After you listen to your favorite power cord and are convinced it is the best, go back to the original cord and see if that improves it even more.
I have compared Aqueous vs Dominus Ferox in my system. I concur with Tvad. Dominus gives a very authoritative sound with refinement and extension that surpass the Aqeous by a solid margin. I have not heard Fluid. I have 1 Purist Anniversary, 1 Dominus Ferox (DAC) and 1 Aqueous (Amp). I am going to move the Aqueous to the sub and put a Dominus Ferox into the Amp. Hope that helps as one person's experience.