Purist Ann. Contego vs Shunyata Anac Alpha Helix

Anyone compared the sonic characteristics of these two power cords....it would be used on a Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi pre-map....I am familiar with the Pursit Domius PC and the Shunyata Anaconda Alpha / VX non helix cords....I am looking for speed, resolution, detail and with a touch of warmth.....I found the Domius a great cord but a little too dark and colored...ON MY SYSTEM. Thanks
The Marigo Audio "Andromeda" power cord will fit the bill quite nicely. The come in two different tunings (depending on the power supply they're connected to). Ron Hedrich will send you one of each to audition for 30 days. I use them throughout my system. They replaced Shunyata and JPS cords.
Hi were you using dominus fluid or ferrox? What Rev b or c?

The 20th Anniversary power cords are a major step up from the dominus line. Resolution, much lower noise floor, lower distortion - all areas much better. I've had/have both in my system.

Sorry I can't do a comparison to the Shunyata's 4 u...
Thanks Yoby...but the thread has nothing to do with Marigo....Ron does make some nice stuff by the way...but the thread is not about his cables ..Hey Jfrech...I was using Donius Rev B Fluid cables.....
I am not surprised you considered the Rev B Fluid to be dark sounding.

In my system, the Dominus Rev B Fluid cords emphasized the midbass and bass regions, and they weren't particularly controlled in those areas compared with the Dominus Ferrox Rev C power cord. The differences were not subtle.
Hi the Fluid versions, in my system, and in my opinion are a little less even handed than the ferrox and especially the Contego in the 20th Anniversary. Like Tvad, doesn't surprise me.

I think you'll like the Ferrox Dominus rev c or the 20th anniversary. The ferrox rev c really improves extension/control at at ends, plus quieter background, allowing more details. The 20th anniversary is just about perfect in everyway.
Garebear, I have both Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha and Purist Anniversary. I do not have a Synergy II, but I have tried them both on various components with differing results: on TEAC X-01 Limited I prefer the Anniversary. . . it has slightly more authority and an overall 'bolder' presentation. . . very slightly warmer than Anaconda; similar results it seems on Audio Research Ref 3; On JRDG Capri and JRDG 312 instead, the Purist is not of my liking. . . it yields a thickening of the sound and a tendency to have 'jangling' harmonics for lack of a better word. On Capri my favorite PC is Anaconda Helix Alpha instead. Having said this, Synergy II is an older product and does not use the same technologies of 312 and Capri. . . so results may be very different. Apologies for the 'non answer'. Guido
i have auditioned both the PAD 20th anniv contego PC and the shunyata anaconda alpha helix PC on my ux3-se. knowing that PCs tend to be highly component specific in outcome, my opinion is based solely on my cdp and within the context of my system.

i found similar results as per guidocorona on the esoteric he used in his comparison.

the PAD contego gave a greater evenhanded top to bottom presentation, slightly more authority, a bit more substance at the top end but not thick or veiled. more "gravitas" but not earthbound. no loss of detail compared with the anaconda.

the anaconda alpha helix [non vx] gave an excellent top to bottom sense but added a noticeable touch of top energy in comparison to the PAD PC. the top end didnt thin out with the anaconda, but it didnt subtlely flesh out the highs as did the PAD. in the context of my system, which has more than enough tweeter energy, this was not my goal.

speed may be a tad faster with the anaconda, clarity for both was excellent.the pad might have been given a blacker background. staging expanded a bit more with the PAD.

but, as guidocorona advised, you are placing the PCs on different components... cheers,marc