Purist 20th Anniversary Aqueous XLR ICs

I've been enjoying a combination of Purist Audio 20th Anniversary Aqueous biwire speaker cables with Acoustic Zen Silver Ref MkII(from source to pre) and Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref MkII(from pre to amp) for a long time now.

Can't help but wonder how would an all Aqueous system sound like?

I remember reading a discussion here about Aqueous RCA interconnects sounding forward, but at the same time reports from people who were using balance Aqueous interconnects indicated just the opposite - rolled off high frequencies, muffled sound. So which is it? Bright and forward or muffled and rolled off?

If anyone compared Aqueous with either AZ Silver or Matrix Ref MkII interconnects, balanced versions of all, please share your thoughts. I'm planning on trying the PAD Aqueous balanced interconnects in the near future and am curious, should I even bother? Are they going to mate with the Aqueous speaker cables nicely or should I keep the Zens? I realize this is all system dependant, but if anyone compared the above named ICs, I would appreciate your thoughts.

Acoustic Zen Silver are more revealing but brighter than the Purist. Both good cables but depends on equipment used. Transparent are in-between the two.
Hi Hamburg. When you say revealing you mean more detailed?

4 days now with the Cable Company loaners PAD Anniversary Aqueous XLRs.

I got to say, my system has never sounded as natural and musical as it does now. It totally allows for just pure enjoyment of music, without making you analyze the recording, or a certain component, or even cables. The sound is very well balanced, laid back enough and dynamic enough. Plenty of detail. No traces of electronic glare. No artificial flavors to the sound at all. Everything sounds just right. When I listen I realize I am just enjoying music. I don't want to change tracks, discs or stop listening because of fatigue. There is no fatigue. Very easy to listen to for very extended listening session at any volume, low or high.

I don't know what it is. Either my PAD Anniverasry Aqueous speaker cables that I already own for while really synergize with the Aqueous XLRs better than they did with the Acoustic Zen interconnects, or it is an overall system synergy, but I like the sound a lot. It definitely never sounded as good before.
I agree with Hamburg. AZ Silver Reference II is more revealing, detailed and transparent and less colored. In some system could sound brighter in highs, remember that it is a silver cable.
Sorry I canĀ“t opinion about Matrix Reference II.
Both AZ Silver II and Purist Aqueous are very good. If your system sound shrilly, you will probably prefer the Purist.
If you want to blow all these cable combinations, move to AZ Absolute interconnect and speaker cables. Absolute is only comparable with Purist Dominus.
Althought if you want to really upgrade your system you must replace your B&W N803. Instead of replace cables, move to the N802 and the Pass Labs X350.5, you will stay in the same way and will get really differences.
I hope this help you.
Thanks for contributing.

Let me start by saying that my goal is to achieve the most natural and realistic sound within this current system and room constraints.

I am not sure what is colored and what isn't.
Not sure what is neutral and what isn't.

If you say AZ Silver Ref MkII is more transparent and less colored, I can disagree with that statement. I tried 2 pairs of Silver Ref MkII and the combination was horrible. Not even talking about brightness. It just did not sound right, period. The sound was thin, fake. Artificial.
I tolerated it for 15 minutes after which the Matrix Ref MkII went back in between the preamp and amp and I was saved.
I wouldn't even begin to speculate which of the cables are not neutral. I now doubt there are neutral cables anyway.

Purist Aqueous cables in my system sound more natural than Acoustic Zen. Timbre of instruments more resembles what you hear live.
This was the case when I replaced my AZ Satori Shotgun speaker cables with the Purist 20th Anniversary biwire speaker cables and is again the case with the interconnects. Which I didn't think would be possible because I have tried several interconnects and the Zen combo was always superior.

In both cases when I replaced AZ cables, I noticed that Purist sounded more real and natural than the AZ in terms of timbre accuracy. All other audiophile aspects like soundstaging and imaging was pretty much the same. There was a bit better resolution and more extension at both extremes with the Purist speaker cables as well. But this was something that didn't hit you in the face right away and I think was simply a product of a better balanced sound, top to bottom. Nothing really sticks out with the Purist wires in my system.

AZ Satori speaker cables had this certain flavor in high frequencies that I grew tired of. It was also more grainy in the midrange than the Purist, Synergistic Tesla Accelerators and Audience AU24 that I compared at the time.
AZ Silver RefII+Matrix RefII XLRs pretty much have the same sound signature as the Satori speaker cables, but it is less apparent with these ICs. I got to say that this combo of AZ XLRs is still outstanding.

However, Purist Aqueous XLRs along with the matching speaker cable brought my system to a certain level I haven't been able to reach with other cables I have tried.

I don't know what it is but I just like these Purist 20th Anniversary Aqueous cables. Could it be synergy between speaker cables and interconnects? Or is an overall system synergy now, but with the Purist wires I am drawn into the music, listening longer and more than ever. Just enjoying the music instead of validating recording quality and faults of components or cables.