Purifi v Gan amps?

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare Purifi based amps eg MarchP422, Purifi etc with Gan amps such as LSA Voyager or Peachtree Gan 400 or similar?


@jcarcopo Thanks!  That’s what I would’ve thought but great to hear from someone who actually uses it.  


Ralph’s class D amps (Gan) have input of 100K ohms - this is good. They are only suitable for 60hz/120 V supplies. This makes them unsuitable for about 6 billion people.

This statement isn't correct- our class D can run on 50Hz/235V no worries- our French distributor has a set right now.

It was impossible to audition GAN amps in Australia and the only Purifi amps available were the March range, also difficult to audition as I was unable to attend his Sydney presentation. So I had to go on 3rd party reviews. I found Alan March too inflexible as he was unwilling to instal a different op amp. I was tempted by the Orchard but the outlay was a little more than I was prepared to pay for an unheard amp. I eventually settled for an amp from Nord Audio from the UK. It was a dual mono unit with 2 Purifi modules and offered a choice of op amps as well as other minor options. I went for the latest Sparkos op amp option based on some reviews indicating that they were more tube like in SQ (tube like not sounding like tubes). To say I was delighted would be an understatement. With my Aesthetix Calypso tube pre the results were exactly the same as those experienced by carcopo, even without the BACCH gear, which I have to admit I don't understand. Soundstage, dynamics and imaging were excellent and presentation was clear, holographic and smooth. It didn't gloss over poor recordings, rather the deficiencies were more noticeable but well recorded material was superb. What more could you want from a power amp? As an added bonus it was readily portable unlike the 30kg + behemoths I had been used to, a not unsubstantial bonus for someone my age. Negatives - only one minor criticism. IMHO the case design was uninspiring, just another black (or silver) box with striations on the sides, possibly pretending to be heat sinks, which it doesn't need as it runs cold after 6 hours +.  Orchard Gan amps and other Gan amps are something to consider for the future, after further developments, but only if it is possible to audition them in Australia, as at present I feel it would be difficult to better the Nord Purifi amp at anywhere near a comparable price.