Purifi Class D: Junk?

So, from the previous thread about high-end class D the Purifi module was brought up. I decided to get a cheap example from VTV, a simple stereo unit with a single Purifi module and matching Hypex SMPS. Standard input buffer. I got it in yesterday. First impression wasn't what I was expecting: weak, congested dynamics is what stood out to me. I expected greater expression through my ProAc D30Rs. The other problems such as poor soundstage, thin / boring character, etc, I marked up to needing burn-in before evaluating. So it's been 24 hours, I would still expect to get at least the high control / damping of high end class D and dynamic power, but it's just not present.

Could it be an impedance mismatch? Other manufacturers selling the Purifi with their custom input buffers are reporting 47k Ohms. VTV doesn't say in the manual or on the site. I checked the Purifi data sheet which reports...2.2k Ohms on SE???? That can't be right?? That's absurdly low! Am I reading the right spec? My preamp has an output impedance of 230 Ohms. Can someone confirm that the stock Purifi has this ultra-low input impedance?
JUNK? That’s kind harsh.. There are some good sounding class ds. NO they don’t float everyone's boat, but they get the job done for a lot of folks.. Is it my favorite amp? For some things, I think it is the absolute best.. I use 3 12k Behringer for SERIOUS bass duty.. I have 1300.00 invested. Come one come all, unless you have 4 of those things..:-) The best performance is 220 single phase. They can suck a PG&E pole dry, just like the rest of the welding machines can, too. Don't underestimate pro equipment EVER.. Couple of mods and some good cables. Can crumble a house...

It's how you got to hear it the first time. Live anyway..

NC500 I have a few, wonderful amp with buffer boards.. George has got them cooking along without, buffers. I didn’t like Ice or the Hypex 400 without buffers. Maybe he’s got something special there.

I use them in the hot summer months, with a tube front end. Valves in the cooler months..

Yea I don’t listen to junk. I never have. BUT then I like tone control, Mcintosh, Russco and VMPS speakers, too.

I like slower runnin' women too.. That's just me.. There is "too fast" ya know.. :-)

I can't agree with this statement Atmasphere, it really depends on the power supply, how it was designed, and circuit limitations.

Most switch mode power supplies for power amps I see for audio are not power factor corrected. They tend to be single stage LLC, with a simple bulk capacitor arrangement on the front end. Poor design choice in my mind, but is what it Is.
The problem I was getting at is for the most part you can't use an off-the-shelf SMPS and get top drawer results. I think you could if you had a supply custom built but IME that's a very pricey thing to do- and not something that most 'high end audio' manufacturers can pull off due to the quantities involved.

Obviously storing electrons at a higher voltage allows a lower capacitance, since voltage dominates the energy formula; I think the problem might come in when that conversion to the actual voltage being used has to occur and occur quickly. We were able to use SMPSs for prototyping, but continually ran into current limit shut down issues and the like. After a while (and also once we had sorted RFI issues) it got much easier to simply use a conventional power transformer. We still had to be careful about the power supply since it had to have a number of protection circuits built in.
Given the price of high end audio equipment, if you are doing 1K units a year, 3 year design, 3000 units, you could amortize the $100K design cost, at $33/unit additional.  Most audio companies would be best off contracting that out.  Hypex does their own, and I have seen some a company or two offering audio targeted switch mode supplies.
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