PureSilverSounds Quartets or HomegrownAudio Laces?

i have a system which was bright initially but was soon cured by the Alphacore Geortz MI2 and VDH DBIII in place of Nordost Blue Heavens. Now bass is tighter, and the midrange alot fuller than before. but i still think there could be an improvement by replacing the VDH with silver. i have narrowed my shortlist to Puresilversound Quartets and Homegrownaudio Silver Lace.
My system: Musical Fidelity X-Ray, MF X-P100, MF X-A200 and two MF X-AS100 monoblocks. speakers B&W CDM9NT.

any ideas?
I have only auditioned the PSS cables & thought them to be on the bright side. Also when I returned them I was charged a restocking fee that wasn't disclosed.

I think you would be happy with Stealth silver cables. They are the smoothest silver cables I've heard. If you get the ETS cables, replace the ends. FLR & CWS are just unbeatable IMO.

I have a MF E-624 but moved it to my 2nd system along w/a MF X-A1. I'm using the ETS here. Great detail & smooth.

I have owned the PSS cables and have also found them to be too bright and after a couple of months I could not listen to them any more. As driver has stated, the Stealth audio interconnects are a far better bet. Also no experience with the Homegrown.
You can try the homegrown silver lace for 30 days. I have two pair on a tube system and they are not bright at all. I was using Goertz silver micropurls before and they were a big step up.
The PSS Octets and the HGA Silver Lace (refered to now as the Silver 16 on HGA website) are both good cables. I had used the Octets for about a year and just replaced them with the Silver Lace. I thought the Silver Lace were smoother without giving up any detail, had a more open midrange and fuller bottom end. The Silver Lace were not bright at all. The PSS sound was more lean with less bass and midrange so could be perceived as "bright" depending on the system. Homegrown Audio has a 30-day return policy and I am unaware of any "restocking" fees for returns. You may want to e-mail or call Paul or Kevin to find out.
I have a pair of the silver lace ic's. Although I haven't had the opportunity to audition anything other than the 15 year old monsters, I'm quite happy with the purchase. I'm connecting a panasonic a110 dvd player to a bryston b60 integrated with cdm1nt's & a velodyne sub. Next I'll upgrade to the homegrown speaker wire.
Thanx for the follow ups. I have decided to give the HGA Laces a good go and hopefully everything goes well. As for speaker cables, do you think Kimber 8TCs will outperform the Alphacore Goertz MI2 interms of Bass and imaging?