PurePower what are your thoughts?

Thinking of buying a PurePower conditioner, what are your thoughts of the newer 2000 + vs the original?
Watch out there are two Pure Power (APS in Canada and AVPS in Taiwan). Some have reported having bad experiences with the Canadian company here. I'd recommend doing a search for details.
Actually I heard the opposite! I'd be leery about the Taiwan version. I bought the new 2000 plus from Canada and had a good experience.

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Looks like the newer model has more continuos watts and potentially longer output when power fails:

PP 2000+: 1800 watts continuous / 2340 short term (2 min.)

PP 2000: 1400 Watts Continuous, 2000 Watts Short Duration

The PP website does not do a good job of explaining PP 2000+ difference IMO. Unclear if 2000+ maintains full wattage output alone or requires power packs.
I believe that Walter of Underwood is working with PurePower AVPS in Taiwan currently, not the Canadian company. I tend to trust Walter's judgments in things like this.

See the other recent PurePower thread for details of issues with the Canadian company. User Glory also had a thread about his problems with PurePower in Canada, though it seems that the thread may have been deleted.
There is only one PurePower.

PurePower is the registered trademark of PurePower Partners LLC. We are a New Jersey LLC established in 2006 with manufacturing operations in Canada.

Our web site is www.purepoweraps.com

Our newest 3rd generation models, The PurePower+ line, are a dramatic improvement over our previous versions. It is manufactured in Canada, provides 30% more power, is 30% smaller, and 30% lighter. It has much tighter electronic specifications and even better sonic performance.

The original PurePower 1st generation products were also made in Canada. Our 2nd generation version was initially assembled in Canada, and later assembled in Taiwan.

We have since returned all production to North America.

The PurePower AVPS company was selling knockoffs of our 2nd generation product. AVPS has an action against it in the courts. Details are available on our web site if you want them.

Underwood HIFI no longer offers the counterfeit PurePower AVPS. You will find Walter has removed references to AVPS, Google has removed search results for AVPS and also cancelled their AVPS Google Ad Words contract.