Purepower APS a reliable product?

To those who are considering buying a regenerating power supply, I want to share with you my experience. I bought one a Purepower 1050i back in mid 2010. It worked good and provided a dark and quiet background for my system. I was happy with the unit until about 11 months ago. It just failed one day when I returned home from work. It was off itself without any display. I tried to turn it on but a message came up as short circuit and some smoke came out from inside. I can smell it too.

I contacted Purepoweraps in Canada for repair and finally agreed to send the two boards back. Sending the whole equipment is too expensive. It then went quiet for nearly three months and no one ever return to my emails. I finally called them despite i am in a 10 hours different time zone. I was told they were waiting for parts and should be fixed the following week. After more than 5 months, I finally got the two boards back. I plugged them in correctly but not able to turn it on. I contacted purepower again and they ask me to check connections, all correct. Disconnect the battery and all other sorts of means. All failed to turn it on. After I chased a few more emails, no more reply and went quiet again. Despite chasing for another few months, I got no feedback and answer. I finally tried the local dealer and they told me they dropped the line and now selling PS Audio only. There were technical problems but he was not willing to provide more details.

I tried another dealer in another country but I was told they got no parts and not able to repair for me.

Early this year, Purepower launched a new line of products. I discussed with the Marketing Manager of Purepower and suggested a trade in offer to get the new one. I was promised with a proposal and it never comes up.

It is a good product. But not reliable. More important, the technical support is not available at all. No customer services.

If you consider buying one, think carefully. Good luck.

The purpose is purely to share the experience. I may be the unluckly one or I am just one of a couple of dozen or a couple of hundred unlucky one. May be you can share your experience.
This is not the first post of this sort about Purepower Canada's reliability or support. A shame.
I have dealt with Purepower and received good customer service from them. Have a 1050 and no problems with reliability.
That's good to know Foster_9. You appear to be one of the lucky ones.

This is the third thread I have seen on Audiogon about PurePower's reliability and/or customer service.

Buyer beware.
That's the problem when you do not send the entire unit back. The Company has no way to testing the unit before sending it back to the customer.
Well, Brf I'd agree, IF it wasn't for other similar threads, and that still doesn't account for the delays and particularly the lack of communication on PurePower's part.

exactly the same happened to my 700 unit. I switched it on, heard a bang. After that it smelled like burned electronics. A few times Damian responded to my mails. They don't make the 700 boards anymore and he is looking for a solution. called them once but Damian was not available.
Will have to give them a few more calls I guess. the 1050 boards can be made to fit inside the 700 unit. question is do they have spare boards??
2 years ago the unit failed after a thunder storm (not the units fault). After a long wait I got new boards and unit was working fine ever since. They told me they get the boards from a manufacturer in Taiwan.
I bought 2 PurePower 1050s from the local dealer a while back. Both are still running so fingers crossed.
Just to keep this discussion alive as PP has been actively marketing their new products lately. I have the PP2000 with the same problem. After discussing with Damian back in July 2012 on the phone, he issued an RMA for me to send the unit back for repair. It's been over 18 months. Whenever I called and e-mailed, if I get a response, either Damian or his father Richard would give me a bogus story that my unit is next on the list, they are upgrading the inside to a newer model, they are pulling a unit off the production line to send to me, etc. I have requested numerous times for them to send the unit back to me as-is at my expense, or allow me to trade it in for a new unit with cash but to no avail.

I've just filed a complaint with the Ontario Consumer Agency, but I am not hopeful that it will get me anywhere. Buyer beware.

That is really a shame that this company has such a long history of this.
I guess though with a name like Damian that should tell us something...
My experience was worse than yours.
Avoid Purepower!

Ditto- I have been in touch with Richard and Damian who have consistently mentioned (when I call) that they would take care and shipment was imminent but they have NEVER called back or emailed me back or provided any update as promised.

They seem to be 'nice guys' but terrible liars or business people with very poor flow of information or concept of customer service.

I would not recommend Purepower at this stage to anyone.

This has been going on for over 2 years.

When you get a chance, please go to the Better Business Bureau of Ontario and log in a complaint. It doesn't take too long. I think we need to keep pressure every way possible to keep these guys to be honest, and true to their words.

Another happy PurePower user, a 1050. I upgraded to a Bybee V2 recently, but I bought the 1050 second hand and used it for about 5 years, without any trouble and it clearly benefited ny system. Maybe I was just lucky.
Good Products - Crook Company!

Really too bad.

I have a PP 1050 that has performed perfectly, with great results, for 5 years.
they are not honest, my unit is wrong and i'm waiting from many months!!
This company is unethical and Richard the biggest con artist I have ever met in my life. They will tell the sob story of fighting a battle to rescue their company back from the Chinese manufacturers that built their unit in China and how they are back in Canada building the units. Mine was DOA and I had to ship it back to Canada to fix! When returned to me the unit introduced noise into my system. Richard told me it was the ground in my home. I told him I wanted to return it for a refund, but he assured me they were working on a fix. My friend and I both bought them at the same time and he too experienced the noise. We believed Richard; that a fix would occur but it never did. In December 2013, Richard called my local dealer and assured him we would get a brand new, upgraded unit by the end of January 2014 or a refund. He send a FedEx tag to pick up mine and my friend's unit to ship to CES to be used by manufacturers. We never received the new units or a refund. He told my dealer the check was in the mail and no check ever arrived. He has consistently said we are next on the list for a replacement unit and none has ever arrived. This guy is a flat out crook and this company cannot be trusted and deserved to go out of business. I tried to file a complaint on the Ontario BBB but could not get on the web site to do so. Can someone post the link to get on? I filed a complaint in the New York where they ship the U.S. market units and it just was closed after several months as unresolved. I replaced this unit with a Running Springs Audio Dimitri and while not an AC re-generator, it is far superior sonically. I couldn't be happier with the Dimitri; best I have ever heard and it was compared against the Audience and Synergistic Research
Kick ass on this joker.
I sold my PP2000 sometime ago and no longer have to deal with them. I'm very happy with both the fact that I now have superior results with a Bybee 3.0 unit and the fact that I no longer have to deal with all manner of delays, b.s. and lies in conversations with a vendor I'm trying to deal with for an upgrade path.
I have a PP1050 which I have used flawlessly for 4+ years. I love it. Again, maybe I am lucky or there is something about the 1050? Three years ago I sent it to Canada for an upgrade which was performed in a timely matter at what I thought was a really good price.
I have a PP1050 and it has performed flawlessly for 5 years, and makes a huge improvement in unvarying sound quality.

However it took 3 months to get it first shipped to me from the factory, with excuses and delays.

I may be lucky! Hope it never needs service.
One addendum to my ealier comments; I stated the Dimitri was the best sounding Power Conditioner I have heard. I was humbled last night at the AZ Audio club meeting comparing PC's next to each other. Four conditioners competed and 35 members listened and voted. Winner? Isotech Sigmas; even I had to admit this. Second in the battle, the Synergistic Research Tesla Powercell; Third, my beloved Dimitri and last by a huge margin determined by voting; the Audience 12T. Thought you other audiophiles might be interested in knowing this so you all can demonstrate and compare units before purchasing.
I loved what the PP2000 unit did for my system over 3+ years however when it came time to consider upgrade (PP2000+ or PP3000+), it took forever with many broken promises to my dealer with money already paid to PP (by my dealer) to get a demo unit. It was over 8-9 months of frustration. When the unit finally arrived I very enthusiastically paid the overnight shipping to get the "plus" net-gen unit to my home. I powered down the 2000 and put the plus-unit right into the system. From the moment I turned it on (even before other components), a constant and loud buzzing like a hive of bees and other noises began to emanate from my speakers. Taken the plus-unit out and putting the PP2000 resolved the issue. In many iterations with PP, I was told that it must be my system, my grounding problem, etc.....and that all the units were perfect in design and fully tested. I subsequently talked with 2 other PP users who tried the plus-units with similar results, one with a digital system, the other with an analog system. There seemed to be no attempt by PP to realize they might have a design issue with the battery recharge or other circuit of some other poorly performing aspect compared to their prior generation of products. After months of trying to resolve the issue, get some appreciation that the plus-unit caused issues that the PP2000s did not, I gave up....it's a shame really as the PP2000 did wonders for my system for many years. The upside is that I discovered a superior product in my travels/auditions and since getting the Bybee v3, I'm as done as I know how to be with the topic of conditioners...

The new PP+ products are no better than the older units, "if" you get one that works, and can deal with PP today. And that is a very BIG "if"!

My 1050 was among the last "Chinese made" PP products, when PP had a good reputation. When PP started to build their own units the quality and reliability went down the drain. Today I would pass on PP.
I've been using a Bybee latest-gen unit for a while now and I am VERY impressed and VERY happy!!!
The positive comments from owners of the 1050 and 2000 are units built years ago in China and not the newer models they build in Canada. The Chinese quality was better and several reviews of the older units bare this out. It is the units built in the past two years in Canada that have failed over and over again. They are supposed to be upgraded, improved units but seemed to have gone in the other direction. So many other great conditioners out there and they don't need to be AC re-generation designs to sonically improve a system .
We just got a new PP+ 1500. So far so good. Like that the fan is a lot quieter vs my old one.

The local distributor (also a friend) said they had been tweaking the designs for a while but the shipping product now is the one to go for.
No, unreliable with terrible customer service. Repeated broken promises with repair to my PurePower 2000+.
Amen...see other threads for details of other horror stories with the PP 'team'.
I've pretty much given up the hope that I will ever see my unit again at this point.
Sad but probably the sane thing to tell yourself just so you can move past it...try opening a case with the Ontario authorities.
I have started a website to collect evidence of PurePower's fraudulent activities:


I have also purchased purepoweraps.net and purepowerfraud.com which redirect there. I will be collecting evidence and posting it on this site.