Purepower 2000 vs PS audio PPP

Interested in power regenerater. Anyone compare the purepower to the PS audio? Both have fan and switching power supply. I have read about reliability and fan noise issues on the internet regarding both units.

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I recommend contacting Purpower listing all components you wish to plug into it. I purchased a 2000 expecting it to handle a pair of Joule amps and a Jadis tube pre. The unit barely handled one amp. So now, per the mfg., a suggestion to purchase a second unit. Disappointingly, I own a 2000 with nothing but a preamp receiving it's benefits. Yet, I much prefer the system with the 2000.
Had the PS Audio PPP. Now own and prefer Purepower 2000's. They solved all my poor quality A/C power problems.
Purepower all the way...no comparison.
I had the option to buy a PPP and PurePower. The PPP worked fine for a few hours and then tripped my mains and kept doing that each time I tried to power it up. I sent it back the next day and the distributor has yet to get a new batch - this, after 20 months!

So I bought the Purepower and it worked fined for me until two months ago, when it started tripping my mains. It even tripped the mains when the wall outlet was on but the unit was off. No solution from PP so far, despite lengthy description of the issue. The distributor is trying to sort things out for me.

No, it's not my mains or wall outlet, i've got other stuff plugged in now, no hassles.

All I can say is that it's disappointing ...
Pure power all they way