Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???

Does anyone know where things stand with actual Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ unit availability (Canadian company)? None of the authorized sources I checked with who actually responded seem to have them, nor have they been given any reliable answer as to when things will ship. Apparently quite a few promised ship dates have been made and have been missed over the past few months based upon the information given.

The plus-generation of these units have several features that I really want in my system as an upgrade to my existing unit. It would be good if they are making the units and are shipping them out to be purchased.

Have any of you been able to purchase one of these new units from the Canada-based Purepower and do you have it in your system? If so, how do you like it?

I am aware of the problems with the 'other PP' company and the schism between the two earlier in 2012, and do not need any info on that.
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Purepower, the name is ozzy not oxxy.
Something doesn't sound right from your new postings and the long long string of negative comments on your products and service.
I would think you would fix all of the defective units BEFORE you sell any new units. That would show us how determined you are to be a viable company.
Lets hear from just a few of those 100 PP+ customers that received units recently (according to PPs post above) and tell us about your satisfaction with promised shipping details, working as designed units and anything else.
I received my Pure Power units back in the summer of 2012 (the second one may have been in the fall). I have posted before on this thread, if anyone wishes to read about my experience. The bottom line, though, is that I have had no hum issues; and I would not want to live without the PP+ units.
Hum from speakers.

Since the introduction of the PurePower+ There have been 2 customers who suffered from hum that appeared in their speakers.

By definition, hum emanating from the speakers represents an unwanted signal that has entered the audio signal path through one of many possible routes. In the particular cases that the hum appeared after installing a PurePower+ unit we very strongly suspect the path is through a ground loop. We suspect ground faults because of our prior experience with similar symptoms over the years that were resolved by finding and eliminating ground problems.

We do know that there is no inherent electrical characteristic of the PurePower AC output capable of affecting the audio signal through the AC supply. Nonetheless we returned both units to our factory to be absolutely certain they were operating perfectly. They were.

We suspect we have not convinced these now former customers that with perseverance, the cause of the hum could have been found and eliminated through the right diagnostic method and signal tracing tools. Unfortunately we could not resolve the issue and they are now operating without the benefit of our product. I think it is fair to say that both expressed a clear wish that they could enjoy the PurePower benefits – hum free. Thus, they are hoping we will be able to modify our product in some way to solve the problem.

For our part, we wish we had the time and resources to make house calls and help them install our product and find and remove the real hum source.

So our answer has to be no – we are not working on fixes for hum by changing the PurePower electronics because we are absolutely certain PurePower technology does not, and can not, cause hum.
Purepower, I wish I could believe what you have recently posted.
I was very serious about buying one of the units until I started reading this thread and actually many others on this site and other sites.

People were posting about the very poor communications they had with Purepower and that products received were dead on arrival or the battery wouldn't keep it's charge, etc.

I volunteer to be a test subject to try one of your current models and then I will post my experience.