I discovered this speaker in a review on this do it yourself speaker kit that showed in the recent Munich show and is supposed to be relatively easy to build.

I was curious to find out if anyone has had any experience with it and, if so, what your thoughts are.

Having recently installed my own hardwood floors, I have a bug to possibly sell my Martin Logan reQuests and give this a try.
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Hello -

I have a set.... Simply put stunning speakers! I started off purchasing the HW kit.. I made the legs and baffles. Had a blast, they were not perfect looking, but sounded unlike anything I've heard before.

The closest set of speakers I can compare them to are the Sonia faber Amati future and the JBL D6500... Both waaaaaaaay more $$$$$.

I've since built a set with plyboo baffles and upgraded the feet to bamboo lumbar and morrow audio SP4 internal wires. I'm blown away.

The set was recently purchased by a guy who heard them at TAVES in Toronto and simply wouldn't leave without purchasing that set right there!

Thanks for your response and sorry for not acknowledging until now. It sounds like you've got quite the gem!

I've since sold the reQuests and purchased a pair of Von Schweikert VR-5 HSE speakers that were listed at Audiogon. They sound really good and fit in even better with the hardwood floors and entertainment center. I will be adding a DAC soon for computer audio and better integration of TV and other sources into my system and, down the line, look to add a subwoofer to round out the lower octaves.


I'm the one who bought them! In the room at Taves they had my current speakers to A/B with these. I was blown away! Bought them right then and there. Came back at the end of the show to take them home and haven't been disappointed yet! (Trouble is, I need to sell my old ones now)