Pure Vinyl/Amarra

I bought Pure Vinyl after having the demo Amarra for the last 90 days.

To my ears PV just does more for me. More depth of soundstage and more info. Amarra is just to much $$$.

Any thoughts on the two.
Did you demo Amarra 2 ?

I have been meaning to try Amarra, but have shied due to the cost. There are two "lesser" versions. One starting at something like US $79 for redbook only. I am curious to see the outcome of this thread. I do own Pure Music and really like it...
I demoed the best Amarra had to offer. PV is the ticket for me.
Since none of the folks posting this thread, nor the folks responding have said what these things are, no one who might ever read them in the future will have a clue as to what is being discussed, unless, of course, they already know.
The original poster seems to have based his decision on 'unknown factors' as he does not tell why HE made his decision, yet asks others to tell why they did.
Curious. just curious and odd.
I could freely chime in saying I prefer the Cosmos Xp-27. (a completely fictitious product) And who would be he wiser?
Wow Beth, can you not read that I stated more info and greater depth of soundstage for PV? Amarra is to much $$$.

This in not unknown factors to me.

Having a bad day? Must be the Cosmos is not in line.
Bored Elizabeth?

Amarra and Pure Vinyl/Pure Music are software players that integrate with iTunes and offer upgraded sonics and functionality. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend it.
Hi Elizabeth, It's software for computers. Handles the digital signals better than native MAC OS for example. Also offers bit rate conversions etc...

If I get a mac, I'll get one of these to go with my digital front end...
Yes, Pure Music and Amarra seem to be the main competitors for audiophile music playback programs. There have been numerous readilysearchable threads on these products, and I bet the names are familiar to a majority of audiogoners who are working on computer audio.

Just goes to show, one person's obvious is another's obscure.

FWIW, PM seems to generate detectable sonic improvement over iTunes (that's the music program that comes with MAC computers!) in my system, and (IMO) represents a bargain at 80 bucks. But I have found the version I use (I think 1.03) to be twitchy, and prone to freezing and the like. Anyone have better luck with more recent versions?

That either is truly better is open for discussion. The ability to automatically adjust sample rate is the big value, but the sound is more subject to what sample rate you are using ,what DAC you are using and your computer configuration. I have been trying to determine if either is better than iTunes but instead have determined that Pure Music is different, not bad mind you but different. And Amarra, well this has me stuck. I would say it can be better but more often it can be worse. But my impressions is from the demo version. Someone will chime in and say you need to pay $1000 to find out but a demo version should let you hear a positive difference. Not a negative difference. In my case, images were bloated and unnatural in size for 16/44.1 recordings. And on high resolution it was very similar to iTunes, maybe better. I would definitely let your ears decide. And if my PC Audio setup sounded thin and digital then I would investigate Amarra.

Pure Music functionality is pretty nice. For the money it is worth it if it functioned perfectly. It is getting there. Only stuck on high resolution / Memory playback. The visual interface is very nice as well.
I'm with Elizabeth, I had no idea what they were talking about...
Did I not list this under PC Audio?

Amarra and PV is some pretty basic stuff in this realm of the Cosmos.
I tried Pure Music a few ago and found it very bug ridden. It didn't seem like a finished product. It was hard to determine whether it was a real improvement over iTunes at Redbook resolution or not. Does Amarra still require a dongle?
Current Pure Music is 1.45 and very stable in my system and revisions have slowed down a lot. I find it a worthwhile addition for the price. Amarra has released a redbook only edition for $79 usd. Unless I hear that Amarra really trounces PM, I'll stay put- cheaper (hi res = $150ish vs 1k) and can be on multiple computers.
Sorry i should keep myself OUT of trouble. i looked at it in 72 hours mode. and from there you cannot tell what area it was posted in.
Great that SOMEONE told it is PC audio stuff. Thanks.
Gary, I am glad you are enjoying PV. Is its effect most noticeable on hi rez or does redbook benefit as well? I am a steamer (WiFi) and had always thought that the computer player itself (Itunes, etc) did not have an effect. Steve Nugent at Empirical Audio told me otherwise. I will be investigating these things further.
PV makes iTunes sound thin/weak and cheap sounding.

25% improvement over iTunes.
Gary, since I am a WiFi man, PV requires Airfoil (hijacks airtunes) to play via my modded Airport Express. Apple has some encryption at the AE interface that the channel D guys have not worked around yet (in the works). Amarra piggybacks some of the Apple code and thus does not need Airfoil. Anyway, when I tried Airfoil with PV it sounded constricted. I may be missing something with AF and will contact them....
To Liz, and others who agree with her: The OP asked for "any thoughts on the two". (Pure Vinyl vs Amarra). If someone reading that had no clue whatsoever what Pure Vinyl or Amarra were, then I guess they wouldn't have any thoughts on the two.

Glory's question was aimed at people with experience listening to both. Don't attack Glory because you don't know what the question means. Sit back, read the responses that follow and maybe you will learn something.
I made the leap to a mac mini music server. After getting all of the hardware and laboriously ripping a dozen disks with XLD I hooked it us to my music system using Pure Music. I have a very revealing Meridian based system that had been mainly HT via an Oppo BDP-83.

After tweaking the PM repeatedly, I just couldn't get the level of sound quality that I had through the Oppo with apodising in the Meridian system. It was nice but it fell short in many aspects. I was really upset that I had spent $$ on a system that I would not use.

I had initially rejected Amarra based on reviews and the price differential with Pure Music. Since they also offered a demo I downloaded the Amarra Mini. Whoa, what an improvement. Whatever their special sauce is, in my system, it is well worth the extra couple of hundred dollars. I am so thankful that they are both available for trial.
Dave, what DAC were you using?
Amarra 2.0 and Pure Music 1.6 have a similar tonal balance. Pure Music gets my sonic nod due to memory playback and Hog. Amarra 2.1 will have memory playback. The differences in sound between the two programs my diminish. But functionally, the programs are quite different.
Splaskin, I agree with you. Memory playback and Hog-bypass is money....
I am using a Meridian 861 v6.

After more experimentation I got PM closer to Amarra but ended up purchasing Amarra Mini.
I'm experimenting with both Pure Music and Amarra. One thing I have noticed is that PM maintains a gapless album perfectly - no annoying breaks between tracks. Amarra, on the other hand, seems to put just a very brief break in between "gapless" tracks. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, not sure. In PM, the gapless tracks are all loaded into memory before playing. I'll see if Amarra maybe does the same.
One source of irritation I have with PM (which I purchased) is that after being on for a while it will stop playing after a given track. Using my Iphone as a remote, I then have to click play on the next track. Is anyone else having this issue?
Yes - I've run into that problem with PM and always wonder if I've perhaps hit something on the keyboard that might have caused that. Kind of annoying, I agree with you. Perhaps Channel D will address the problem in another version.
I will be calling them....
PM fan here. I agree that the decision is system dependent. But for me PM makes the music I listen to sound less digital - fuller and more lush. I think 1.63 is really good, they seem to have ironed out most of the kinks.
Svenerik, I agree. 1.63 seems to have taken care of issues I was having. It does indeed make digital less digital....
Agear - I also stream music wirelessly from my Apple iMac to an Airport Express in another room and then via a Genesis Digital Lens to my DAC. Did you figure out a solution to streaming music through Pure Vinyl without Airfoil? Many thanks in advance for your advice.

Many thanks,
Hi Neville. Nope, still need Airfoil. Its only a $25 program so don't hesitate. Amarra used to have the same requirement. I know they are working on it but was told it won't happen any time soon....
Hi Agear - many, many thanks for the information. I'll be updating my iMac soon (currently an old G5) and will certainly give it a try once I have my new computer up and running.

Do you find that Pure Vinyl + Airfoil sounds a lot better on redbook tracks than just streaming from iTunes? What improvements do you hear?

Many thanks,
Yeah, it does sound better (to my surprise). There was better body (or saturation) along with slightly better detail. Try the demo (you can demo Airfoil as well)....
Agear - many thanks once again. I'll definitely be trying it out soon.
"10-03-10: Njp
Agear - I also stream music wirelessly from my Apple iMac to an Airport Express in another room and then via a Genesis Digital Lens to my DAC. Did you figure out a solution to streaming music through Pure Vinyl without Airfoil? Many thanks in advance for your advice."

PM has a "netsend" feature that allows you to stream a Hi Rez audio stream to another (or several other) computer(s). This is an alternative to using an airport that should yield higher sound quality, but it requires another computer, and DAC at the receiving end. An older mac could be used for this.
The Netsend option does exist as you describe Svenerik, but it requires extra hardware and thus defeats the purpose.