Pure Power for 47 lab gear.

I am using the Flatfish and the Progression Dac in my system and the Pure Power was a huge upgrade .The sound is more clearer ,smoother and natural. Instruments are more defined and more dimensional. The sound of each instrument comes out more relaxed and unforced. Instruments sound more real. Vocals sound like the person is sitting in my listening room. This is something you will need to experience yourself. It is a big improvement over the stock Dumpty.

Thanks again! Brian

Pari, I have two questions for you:
1) Does the humpty stay in the system to recharge the Pure Power batteries or do you away with the Humpty completely?
2) Can the system be operated without being plugged into the wall?

I'm a big believer in batteries..my whole system is batteried with the exception of my SACD player, so the pure power is something I'm giving thought to.
I am not using the Dumpty in my system at all. I have a small wall transformer that keeps the system on all the time. When I listen to the system ,I switch too the Pure Power. Then you are listening to the batteries only. You should contact Brian if you need info. He will set you straight.

I had a Sony SACD player and sold it. I am a happy man now.
Steve, Pari,
where do you get the pure power battery systems?
and do you have to build it, or it comes ready
for 47 lab gear?

I got the system from Brian himself at bcengines@aol.com. He is a great guy and will help you any way he can.
The unit came completely assembled and ready for use. All I had to do was plug in my Flatfish and Dac. Its the best money I spent on my system yet!

Enjoy your unit!