Pure Phono Preamp

I am looking to spend max $4,000 on a low noise, phono preamp with balanced outputs. Musicality is important, but accuracy is preferred. Only features I would like are gain control, and accept MM or MC carts. Any thoughts, ideas?
By "gain control", do you mean a volume control, or the ability to adjust the set gain (and loading) via dip switches, resisters or even a remote control?

If the later, the ASR Basis Exclusive is a world class phono preamp, (read all the glowing reviews in Stereophile, Absolute Sounds, etc.). It allows you adjust the set gain (and loading) via DIP switches. This preamp works great for very low output MC cartrdidges (my friend uses a 0.2mv output cartridge), or MM cartridges. One reason it works great, and is so quiet, is that it is battery powered, (and it automatically recharges the batteries when not in use). Used they run for just under $4K. (And as a bonus feature, there are actually two phono preamps in the unit, so you can run two tonearms.)

My two cents worth anyway.
Good Luck in your search.

My two cents worth.
Not volume control. Gain for different output carts. Using it to plug directly into a Prism A to D for accurate transcription. Not a part of a home setup. Could be just a phono stage if it has balanced line out. Need clean, accurate and simple.
Here are three that meet what your looking for. I have owned all three and personally prefer the Sim combo, but all sound very good, are flexible, and are solidly built from respected companies.
Simaudio LP5.3 with PSX5.3 power supply 2750.00 new.
Ayre P-5XE was 2650.00 when I bought mine new.
BAT VK-P10se they come up used for around your max price.

I think the ASR Basis Exclusive "might" just be the ticket for you, since you plan on using different cartridges. You could have one tone arm set up with a mono cartridge and another with a stereo cartridges. Best of both worlds then!

One thing though, the ASR is usually (always?) used through a preamp, as it does not have enough gain to go directly into the amps, (and nor does it have a volume control either, which would usually prohibit its use directly into the amps anyway). So, if you go directly into your Prism, it might not have enough gain, unless you use a preamp too.

Another alternative might be the Manley Steelhead, which can even be used as a preamp, as it has even more gain, and it has a volume control. It too has lots of configuation options, (for gain and loading), and the new version even has a remote as I recall. It too will allow for more than one tone arm to be connected. Note however, that this unit runs in single ended mode only, so you'd have to use RCA-XLR adapters. Used price is again, around $4K.

Good Luck in your search!
I would suggest the brand new Pass Labs XP-15. It has adjustable gain via dip swithes on the rear. I believe it has balanced outputs and it costs under $4K new. I have the older 2-box Pass XOno and it has balanced outs. It is very quiet and close to neutral. The XP-15 is supposed to be slightly better for less money. Though this sounds like a dealer's pitch, it is not. I'm just a big fan.
You don't mention if you want a remote, but the manley steelhead I believe does it all and then some.
I think I'm zeroing in, and thanks for everyone's advice. I'm thinking Pass Labs XP-15 versus the Audia Flight Phono? And, can the Manley be had for $4k new?

No, the Manley Steelhead is $7,500 new, with the remote.
(Used, around $4K, probably.)