Pure Note Sigma PC compared

Anyone compared this cable I read quite a few good things about to the big names like Shunyata, Synergistic Research, PS Audio? If so, to which of their models, and to which results?
It compares to the TG audio SLVR, IME. The Sigma's strength is in absolute detail, TG is a tad better in the lows. The Sigma is very flexible and easy to work with and will not pull light weight components off the shelf like the "monster cords."
I agree completely with the "genius"!

It also bettered the Soundstring (a little) and Top Gun (a lot) in the portrayal of inner detail.

If you have a small, wimpy sounding system, where you need a lot more slam, other cables may be better for you. But if your system is large and powerful, the Purenote will add extra vitality, and at the same time give you increased inner detail.