Pure Note Referrence IC / Your thoughts?????

I have Krell gear FPB-KRC and was wondering if this cables are,""a good match"" ( I would use XLR Balance.)

Or do you know of a better cable for the $$$

Would they be as good as Top Of The Line
Transparant XL
or the Valhalla.
Kimber Select 1130

I'm seriously thinking of buying this.
If you have had the experience with this cables
your thoughts would be much appreciated.
I use the Pure Note Epsilon Reference interconnects and speaker cables in my tube and solid state system. To date it's the best sounding I have tried. I'm not saying it's the best, but in my two systems, to my ears, I like the Pure Note. Good solid bass and mids with a very special timbre I have only heard with the Pure Note. I have not tried all the brand names you suggested but I would want to hear them myself (demo) on my own system if I were you. If you have not done so yet, do a search on Audiogon for Pure Note.
I also own two pair of 1meter PN Esilon Reference XLR ic's. I believe the PN ic's to be a good upgrade over my previous Harmonic Technology Magic Link One and Pro Silway Mk. II XLR ic's.

Within days, I also purchased the Audience Au24 speaker cables. Perhaps with the help of the Pure Notes, the Au24 speaker cables simply knocked my socks off.

I own Krell gear with the very revealing ML requests. So far the Pure Note is the smoothest cable in my system. Some folks claim they are better than the Valhalla but that would not be fair since the Valhalla is about six times the price of the Epsilon Reference. You will have to try to really know (as with all cables). They now have extended their trial to 30-days, plenty of time.