Pure Note Epsilon cable directionality.

I have almost 200 hours on my PN epsilons and I thought I would reverse the direction (the manual says that it may make a difference). I only listened for an hour or so but there's definately more presence/authority with the cables reversed. I don't know if it's good or bad but I'd like to give the cables another 50 hours of burn-in before I do any real listening.
Has anyone else done or experience this?

I just had a chance to audition these amazing IC and was extremly surprised how good they were. I mean for the money, these were at least 95% of the Valhalla IC, great speed, excellent PRAT and very detailed. What a great product. Back to your question, when you reversed them, unless you heard it for the better immediately, then I would just go back to normal set-up. Bought 3 pairs.
3 pairs of Pure Note Reference Epsilon is $1,500.00
3 pairs of Valhalla is $9,900.00

you figure it out!
I also have 3 pairs and I only reversed the pair between my dac and pre. I did hear it immediately. A fuller sound with more authority and slam. I'm going to give the cables another 50 hrs or so burn-in before I do it again. Maybe I should e-mail Tom and see what he thinks.
Needless to say, they're GREAT cables. Cables are very system dependant, but I've heard a few that costs much more that didn't come close to the epsilons.

I think you should email Tom to see what he says, then share that information with us on this thread.
Jose: As you probabaly know I have owned Pure Note cables for the past year and am quite satisfied. I have also reversed the cables and have heard some changes. It really depends on the equipment. Tom says the end opposite the label is the "shield ground" and theoretically this should face the output of your equipment (or label end to component input). Some audiophiles say that the shield ground should be at the input. This is why Tom suggests that you try it both ways to arrive at the best sonics.
I was going to post here but Sonic pretty well nailed it.
Tom's email pretty much echoes Sonic's post. After a little more listening today, I prefer the cables reversed. A little more air with the cables in the original position, but I prefer the fuller sound.
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