Pure Note Designers Edition

Has anyone heard this top of the line speaker cable? I've been using Pure Note's Titanium speaker cable for some time and have been very happy with them. Any one out there who has heard both?
I have a pair in house now cooking. First, the quality is the best Pure Note has produced (they look really high-tech on my tile floors). The runs are split with clips (different from Titanium). The spades are superior to the Cardas ones used in the Titanium also. Just a very upscale product.

Sonically I hear a more 3D stereo image with similar speed to the Titanium. There appears to be a blacker space between the instruments. Bottom end is excellent. It is still too early to tell since I have only 20 hours on them.
The cables have mellowed and present a vivid soundscape. Very good top to bottom range and sharp focus. I compared them to Alluvion, Paragon, and Cerulean and clearly these cables are superior but for more dollars. I also compared them to Valhalla, Siltech Gen 5, and Tesla PR. I feel the Pure Note cables are cleaner with a more lifelike presentation. YMMV of course.

I also have a pair of the RCAs and they too are very good. Only a few hours on those now. Just noticed that the sale is over, however. :(
So far the RCA interconnects have performed well in my system. I did notice that there is a review here in AGon that mirrors many of my findings of these excellent cables.
Anybody have a pair of the DE XLRs? I would like to compare to the RCAs and perhaps do a trade since I have balanced jacks on my gear.
i have picked my designers xlrs and after 25 hours i favor them over vallhalas xlrs looking forword to get speaker cable hans
Did you get the speaker cables yet and what are your thoughts of them?
I kept them, very pleased. I glad that Pure Note has the nice Furutech spades. Far better than the standard two dollar ones on most other brands.

The cables truly excel in the imaging department. Very good tonal accuracy. Strong bass and tight mids.

Mantis007 shows them on his system config. Maybe he can chime in.
Has anyone any update on the Designer edition. They are very tempting at the new price from TRS. Cables seem notoriously difficult to tie down. Comparisons with other brands are harder to make than with electronics or speakers.
I wonder if current users can place them in a hierachy with some of the bigger names, Nordost, Acoustic Zen, Audience etc, in terms of sound signature and overall performance. Thanks
It does not matter what anyone says about how a cable will sound in their system. It is just a matter of opinion. The Designers are excellent in my system but how they will sound in yours can only be revealed by trial.

I have compared the Designers to Silversmith palladium and Gabriel Gold. They are in that class range, IMO, but at lower cost. The Designers are very smooth and detailed once burned-in and are more liquid than the Pure Note Alluvion. This I believe is due to the gold-silver alloy construction.
finally got designer speaker cable to match my designer xlrs interconnects /in my oppinion combination designer xlr inter. and paragon speaker cable i have a best sound i have heard anywhere /i do not listen jazz or classic /rock only-harder better /after about two months listening designer -designer combination i have notice to come back to designer-paragon more and more often/designer -designer real high end / detail and separation/ i did not hear better inner details since audio alchemy pro32 / but will be to brite for some / anywho designer xlrs interconnects and paragon speaker cable is most musical combination i have heared for under $2000 investment/ system wadia-atmasphere-jmlab divas-rel / hans
There is not much information about this cables. How do they compare to other "big". I'm tempted to buy them but would like to know more. Are they full bodied, rich? Are they dark or bright , how they convey, differentiate tonal colors.
I don't like lean, bleached and edgy sound. The review of Epsilons in Positivefeedback sounds bad to me.
Not much valuable info about this cables in the review on Audiogon either. The reviewer owned Synergistic Research cables but doesn't write much how they do compare. What they do better and in what areas they lack.
The Epsilons are a very old Pure Note cable and were fast but lean. The Designers are completely different and are full bodied. There is no edge or grit. Rumor has it a review is in the works but no other info. I know of other folks that own these cables but not everyone posts comments in the forums.
I respond to David12. Last November I've asked the forum for an alternative for Siltech Compass Lake G6 XLR. Someone (I've forgotten his name, but I will stay for ever thankfull to him) advised me the Pure Note Designers Edition. I've ordered 1 pair of 2,5 mtrs for the action price of $ 1575. Damn good advise, damn good price, damn good cable! I've bought the ic's for bi-amping my Pass 600.5 for the bass section of my Apogee Full Range. Mid/high will be connected with the Compass Lake to Audio Research HD 220. For the time being I am 'cooking' the DE's between the AR HD 220 & AR Ref 3 on Apogee Diva.They've played aprox. 100 hours. My first conclusion: they stay. They are not as good as the Compass Lakes, but the DE costed 10% of the price of the Siltechs. This is my private opinion:
Overall: 90% to Siltech. Image: deep/body, fast, quiet. Bass: detailed, powerfull Mids: width, detailed, somewhat warm. High: sparkling, fast,
sometimes edgy/sharp. Bit to much "silverisch". Maybe they need more cooking. Very good ic, a lot of music for it's money. Hope it will help you making a choice. PS: for what it is worth: DE has won the competition from my all time favourite Cardas Golden Reference.
I purchased the Designers Edition interconnect. Excellent cable indeed. It replaced AZ Absolute in my system. Smooth, transparent, detailed, excellent sound-stage. I liked treble of DE better and it was a bit more quiet. AZ Absolute had slightly more authoritative bass but it was a close call.