Pure Note cables and some comments.

I have read in this forum and heard from fellow audiophiles that this brand of cable is excellent sonically. Just to let others know I have tried the Epsilon Reference interconnects and am keeping them. This is a great cable for the money (since I have spent many more bucks elsewhere). Has anyone tried the speaker cables?
What other brand interconnects have you compared the Epsilon Reference to?
Lak: I have been a fan of pure silver cables until now. I have tried the usual; Silver Smith, Silver Audio, Acoustic Zen, Empirical Audio, etc. There was always an unreal presence with silver cables. I moved on to Nordost, the Quatro-fil did not impress. I borrowed a pair of Valhalla from a friend but they lacked body. I read about the Pure Note buzz, I figured with a free trial, why not. A pair of 1m i/c is only $800. The Pure Notes finally did it for me. They are the first cables that sound like music in my system. No edge, liquid midrange, black background, well focused stage.
The moderators have asked me to list my system:

-Martin Logan ReQuests.
-Krell FPB 600.
-Krell KRC/Reference Phono.
-Sony SCD-1.
-Old VPI table, SME3009 arm, and various cartridges.
-All interconnects, Pure Note Epsilon Reference.
-Current speaker cables are Silversmith, soon to be Pure Note Epsilon Reference (perhaps).
I second the vote for Pure Note. You can check the threads here for my comments.

I also own the Epsilon Reference speaker cables. They are on-par with interconnects. Best soundstage I have yet to hear.
I auditioned the Pure Note Epsilon Reference Interconnects and Speaker Cables. They are excellent! I highly recommend fellow audiophiles give them an audition if you’re in the market for an upgrade. Although they are burned in two days on a cooker they will sound better after about 200 aditional hours. I also found that the best performance comes by replacing all RCA/balanced interconnects (if you don't the true benefits will be masked). [I'm in no way associated with anyone in the audio industry].