Pure Music...Really Bad so far...


I recently installed a trial version of Pure Music. I'm using a Mac Mini i5 2.3 Ghz- and up until yesterday had no issues. I upgraded my RAM from 2GB to 8GB and now I can no longer use the Memory Play function. When I select a track it says 'Loading Tracks Into Memory' and Pure Music freezes...I'm assuming my RAM is fine as my machine is working with video content and normal playback. I'm using iTunes version 11...any suggestions?

If the Memory Play tab is de-selected in the Music Server banner I get playback - also if I have Audio Playthrough highlighted I get playback.

Any feedback would be appreciated, I've only had the software for two days but now I'm questioning making a final purchase. This entire experience has been very in 'Apple' like -
Try reloading the program and make sure you get 1.89d4 This fixes any iTunes 11 issues.
I too use a Mac mini that I upgraded from 4 to 8 gig. If the Mac recognizes the RAM it's fine.
I had a big issue when I loaded ITunes 11. It just wouldn't work right. First, it would try to load a full album into the RAM and then wouldn't play. I turned off gapless play, then it wouldn't do this and went back to loading only one song at time. But, it would never play the first song selected with memory play. You would see loading but no sound. You had to hit another song, it would load and then work. You could then go back and play the first song.
Mine now works perfect. If you continue to have issues, contact PM.
Contact Pure Music and explain the situation to them. I imagine you'll have to delete that copy of P.M. and re-download it.
Check in with channel D on this. I have had frustrations with pure music too but they do make an effort to help sort out your problems. The owner will usually give a prompt email back if you have a question.
Make sure your new RAM is properly installed. When you run a system check does it show 8Gb of RAM?
Not sure what the rest of the system is but PM apparently has problems with iTunes 11. Not sure if you are using the latest beta

System check shows 8GB of Ram.

I don't know if its the rush of the holiday season bu I suppose my patience has been short, it's a pity because the sound when working was glorious - the best my system has ever sounded...
I tried Pure Musics trial and did not think it was an upgrade to the sound. But, what do I know? Not much about computer audio but very very basic stuff. I have tried to educate myself at computeraudiophile.com, here, AA and Empirical Audio site, but there are still plenty of holes in my understanding, with all the acronyms, and technical jargon that is spit out like its a language we already know. Just my rant. I use a Macbook Pro and W4S2 DAC. Did not think much of Pure Music. I wish someone, anyone would publish the quintessential book, "Computer Audio for Dummies." Every other field has a "dummy book."
If you are running a trial of 1.88, there is a bug in it that causes that exact problem. It happened to me. If you download 1.89, the problem is corrected in that version. I did and all is well now.

After receiving an email from Pure Music I downloaded version 1.89d4 which had to be manually downloaded (not automatically) and I'm back and running now. Very please, quite the learning curve as I'm a PC guy and have never used Pure Music or other software before. From a sound quality standpoint it's incredible...
Anyone know if you should download iTunes 11 before or after updating PM to the latest iTunes 11 compatible version?

I have been using PM for a couple of years now and love it; but have been holding off on the last iTunes upgrade.....

Thanks, jtb
I have tried the new 1.89d4 version in the playthrough mode while streaming internet radio with itunes 11. It's still buggy, not to mention whether it's really better or not than any other. A definite no-go.
Well, I'm having problems with itunes 11 and Audirvana as it will load music into a new feature of 11 called "up next". It loaded 9,779 songs after I hadn't used my system for a couple of days over the holiday, and pissed my mac mini off so I had to dump them all in the trash. Didn't lose the music but what a pita. Right after 11 came out 11.1 came out.......... I wonder why?
A+ has an odd bug where it cues up the wrong song that doesn't tally with what iTunes was going to play in integration mode. It was still appearing in 1.4.1 but haven't tested 1.4.2 yet
I find PM and A+ to be great. I am extremely impressed with both so far although I am still experimenting with the settings a bit. It blows my mind how far computer audio has come