Pure Music Memory Play

I recently downloaded new Pure Music software as a trial version. I have a Mac mini and had 2GB or Ram. I used memory play - with no problems. I recently updated my Ram to 8GB's and now when I have select memory play - it hangs up with 'Loading Music into Memory'....any suggestions? I tried finding a contact person on Channel D's website but could not find a contact....should I be using Amarra instead?

Incredibly frustrating...
If you are using iTunes 11 with Puremusic there may be
some issues. I've encountered some issues myself. Until
Puremusic 1.9 is finalized I've downloaded Audirvana Plus 1.4 version. ZERO issues with iTunes 11 and sounds great. Audirvana Plus also works with memory play but no hangups. Hope this helps.
Version 1.89 corrects the issue. download it, and delete 1.88

After receiving an email from Pure Music I downloaded version 1.89d4 which had to be manually downloaded (not automatically) and I'm back and running now. Very please, quite the learning curve as I'm a PC guy and have never used Pure Music or other software before. From a sound quality standpoint it's incredible...