Pure music glitch?

I have pure music installed on my mac mini. Everything goes well until it won't play the next song. It shows up on my itouch, but just won't play. I have to close the pure music app and then restart it. It will then play for awhile{ 20-30 min} then does it again. Anybody else have these problems?
I've had nothing but trouble with Pure Music personally. On the bright side they do seem to be very good at trying to help trouble shoot. One thing I did figure out is if you are playing in Shuffle mode then you have to have it showing the next song or it will stop. I like to not show it when I'm in shuffle mode so it will be a surprise but I can't get PM to play the next song if it does not show in shuffle mode.
I had trouble early on but the latest builds have been very stable for me. I had one issue that was being caused by the energy saver settings. Go to System Preferences and Energy Savings and make sure the computer and monitor are set to never sleep and don't check the box to let the hard drives sleep.

Like Ejlif stated Rob at PM is very responsive if you email PM with a problem.

Still intend to get down there and check out your system.

I'd like to make a suggestion that has worked for me with unexpected hitches, hiccups, and dropouts with Pure Music as well as Fidelia. Before starting the music player software, I turn off the MacMini's Air Port link with my wifi. The usual things, such as turning off sleep mode, screen saver, etc. have already been done.

Hope this helps.

:) listening,

Thanks guys. I have the morning off and will try these things.
@Streetdaddy - I've been using PM for a few months now. I was having those same issues. PM won't play the next song if you're ripping CD's to ITunes, or doing any kind of 'tinkering' in ITunes. For some reason, it stops play after the current track finishes. This won't happen if you leave ITunes alone while listening to music. Hope that works for you, it did for me.
Also, and I know this is heresy, but if you have any iTunes purchased Protected AACs, PM won't play them, and sometimes won't advance to the next track.
Binar....after much headache( and a consult with PM) we figured this was the
problem. I have had to disable those DRM tracks. If you try to play them it won't
let you play the next song, making you have to close the PM app and restart it
for it to work again.
Now since i unchecked them, it has been working flawlessly.