Pure Music

So, I have been a huge proponent of PM for about 4 plus years now. I love their licensing and the updates. Up until this latest update, it has always been a slight bug fix or a new feature (like the DSD playback) but the one thing I could always count on was the sound. The sound was always the same or maybe tweaked ever so slightly for the better. Imagine my surprise when I installed the latest version of the software and the whole thing collapsed (sound-wise that is). I mean it lost that magic (think of that inner lit magic of a superlative 300B SE) and kinda moved to a more modern dac sound. The sound was very Crystalline and VERY resolving with ABSOLUTELY NO WARMTH OR EMOTION. I went back and forth with the previous version (I think 1.88a) and their was simply no contest.

As a result I have not upgraded and continue to run the previous version of the software.

I have used PM with my former Bidat/MSB PowerDac/Ayon CD5S (did not own the Ayon)/Metrum Octave + Diverter HR/PS Audio PW Dac (did not own this unit)/ and my current reference the AMR DP 777.

PM suggested that I have a 3rd party switch it so I would not expect the outcome.... WAIT..,WHAT? First off I know what I hear, I am not one of those audiophiles that needs another person to TELL me what I am hearing. Secondly, I have gone through about 7 or 8 upgrades since I purchased the software and this type of drastic change in sound has never occurred and lastly my own comparisons over 4 iterations CLEARLY told my ears that something different and not so good has taken place.

I can not prove it but I hypothesize that they tweaked their audio engine and IMHO.., not for the better. I want to hear from others if they have experienced the same thing.
Very interesting as I have been an Amarra guy (since they lowered their prices) and it seems to me that their latest 2.5 software upgrade sounds a little flat compared to the older version, also losing the magic. I plan on downloading the new version again and doing some more comparitive listening but for now I am glad I was able to reload and license the earlier version.
Audiofun .. I've stopped using PM for the very same reason. I fear the trend for the "modern DAC sound" is in full force. Not good in my opinion.

Elescher .. funny, I feel exactly the opposite regarding Amarra. I think it's their best work yet. Detail with plenty of warmth and emotional involvement. In fact, Amarra 2.5 is my go-to now.
I will have to go back and revisit the 2.5 update. Admittedly I was in the process of trying different configurations of Power Cables and trying my Stillpoints on different components at the time I first installed it.
I too noticed the PM 1.88, which I was demo-ing, didn't sound as rich and full when I updated to the 1.89 version...and did not sign up as a result.
Tell me though, if using a Logitech Squeezebox Touch to wirelessly transmit ones ITune library to your remote stereo, does the PM overlay convey? PM said they were about to research this when Logitech decided to discontinue their Touch so they lost interest. I thought I did hear the PM convey through the Squeezebox but then wasn't so sure when I "upgraded" to the 1.89 version.
Elescher .. your system is amazing. Can only imagine how good it sounds. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Amarra 2.5 after you give it a listen again (if you care to post that is).
I have too tried amarra 2.5 and even though it was clearly more defined with a better image (depth not width ) , it clearly lost its magic compared to 2.4.5 . It sounds much drier than previous version so i went back quickly to 2.4.5