Pure Audio Project Quintet

I am in the process of breakin for my Quintet 15, Tang Band W8-1808 and PAP C-1 electronic crossover.   Still waiting for the Voxativ 1.6 drivers.  My W8 was already broken in.  Anyone out there using this Tang Band configuration.  Trying to get recommendations on crossover settings that work for others.  And yes, I agree with other posters that the W8 is little too soft at top of its range and not the best full range for this speaker.  
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Also breaking in Quintet 15’s, Voxativ 1.6’s with Leonidas XO. With the Pass PAP C1, I imagine the best one to ask is Ze’ev. 
How do you find your Quintet 15 with Voxativ 1.6? I wonder how it would sound with Voxativ Alnico which is a 4" driver.
Quintet 15 requires 8" driver and there is a Voxativ Alnico that fits.