Pure analog system with high power

Dear Hifi lovers, I introduce myself, I'm new to this forum. 
I need your marvellous experience in order to choose my next gear. I currently have a Rega Brio amp driving a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.2 and I'm looking for a big step up, starting for now from the amp.
I am a vinyl lover, I basically play just lps. I also added a Rega Aria phono stage.
Now what I'm looking for is a kind of purist's solution, don't need to pay for dacs, or particolar digital inputs or functions. I want an integrated, or separated amp+pre is also well appreciated, capable of at least 150W in 8 ohm / 250W in 4 ohm as sooner or later I'll buy for sure some Magnepans, maybe the .7, or anyway some Harbeth's. My aim is to get the best money value for my purpouses, that's why I was mentioning a pure analogue solution. Anyway I accept also recommendations based on gears with dacs or digital inputs as that's the market now. Prefer new stuff but also used is fine. Budget is around 3.500/4.000 dollars. Thanks in advance to all people willing to share some knowledge and sorry if something wasn't clear, you can ask me any kind of questions!
@perkadin thanks, i've seen some reviews about the Willsenton R8 and everybody seems to be in love with it... I was checking the seller's page... did you choose the 240 voltage? Sorry for the silly question but i have zero experience with tubes
The one killer in all of this is the Maggie’s. They need the right amp to drive them. Not just power but damping factor. I would go with a Hegel 120. I know it seems low at 75watts. The main thing is the damping factor. This amp will push your Maggie’s very well. They are on your side of the pond. They are $3000 usd. You can use the rest on the sub you will need.  REL is very fast and a great match for your Maggie’s. It will have some digital built in so you can explore a little to decide what vinyl you want to buy. You are right about the Rogue Chronus Magnum. I thought it was 60 watts not 100. Still, more than enough power. If you want to try to work with a dealer in the states the local store in the Chicagoland area is a dealer. Maybe you can come to a deal with shipping. https://holmaudio.com/You should call and work out a deal. Plus, this Rogue is built very well and is the perfect sweet spot for all speakers. 

I went w/ 120v since I’m in the US. I chose the KT88s and the standard preamp tubes which IMO sound amazing.  I’m in no rush to tube roll the preamp section but will eventually out of curiosity.  I tried some el34’s power tubes but I missed the bass and dynamics of the KT88’s, but they were incredible for jazz and vocals.  Also remember I’m using 85db speakers, you may fall in love w el34s.  I want to try KT77s next to see what they are like.  That’s the nice thing about tubes, you can tweak the sound in meaningful ways without purchasing all new gear.  Well I guess Tubes are new gear.  It also has a triode/ultra linear switch on the remote which has a dramatic effect on the sound. Triode is a little softer with better separation of instruments and ultra linear sounds more powerful and brings the vocals forward. These are not subtle audiophile differences either, your friends and family members will notice. It takes about 6 weeks or so for delivery but that should provide enough time to for you figure out what tubes to try.  
So many of my preconceived opinions on tubes were wrong (lack of detail, lack of bass, only for sensitive speakers) I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to try them. 
I concur with hshifi regarding the 'right amp' requiring the appropriate current and wattage not just watts.

I heard a 80 watt ARC amp that was driving Sonus faber Olympica IIs and I was shocked at the punch and bass coming from a '80 watt' amp.  It certainly seemed to have the same punch and impact of my 300 watt amp at home.

Therefore, auditioning and/or home trials are critical.

willsenton is made in china too ... why would you consider?

otoh - odyssey is ’made’ in indiana, usa but using china made components, casing, wiring, transformer, is that better?

best wishes on your search, hope you find what pleases you...