Pure analog system with high power

Dear Hifi lovers, I introduce myself, I'm new to this forum. 
I need your marvellous experience in order to choose my next gear. I currently have a Rega Brio amp driving a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.2 and I'm looking for a big step up, starting for now from the amp.
I am a vinyl lover, I basically play just lps. I also added a Rega Aria phono stage.
Now what I'm looking for is a kind of purist's solution, don't need to pay for dacs, or particolar digital inputs or functions. I want an integrated, or separated amp+pre is also well appreciated, capable of at least 150W in 8 ohm / 250W in 4 ohm as sooner or later I'll buy for sure some Magnepans, maybe the .7, or anyway some Harbeth's. My aim is to get the best money value for my purpouses, that's why I was mentioning a pure analogue solution. Anyway I accept also recommendations based on gears with dacs or digital inputs as that's the market now. Prefer new stuff but also used is fine. Budget is around 3.500/4.000 dollars. Thanks in advance to all people willing to share some knowledge and sorry if something wasn't clear, you can ask me any kind of questions!
thanks gestalt i totally missed this one... plus they are in Krakow, where i live... definitely to put on my list!
I tend to agree with MC about more efficient speakers. However IF you have heard the Maggies and like them, then so be it. Lots of people do. That's why I auditioned them. They sounded great...as long as you stay in the sweet spot. Salesman said they weren't set up just right and maybe so. But everything appeared in order. And maybe a small adjustment may have opened the sweet spot. But the sweet spot was immensely small. If I leaned my head over to make a comment, I lost the sweet spot. I don't know if that was normal. But I didn't care for that aspect. Maybe others who have them can chime in on that issue. 

Sorry I can't be more help on the amps or integrated. 
I'd go with harbeth p3esr, seeing as you mentioned harbeths, and a class A sugden a21se integrated.
Best bang for the watt/buck
Parasound A21+ Amp
Parasound JC2 Preamp 
both for less than $4k
Really good solid state equipment and resale is very good as well
this system will drive nearly any speaker
Good luck Willy-T
@headphonedreams thanks for recommendation on schiit gear, it' s one at the top of my list... thinking of freya vidar combo, but first would like to find feedbacks regarding Odyssey gears... they are made in US and they sell directly... any idea on that one ?