purchasing used Ayre V-5xe? good purchase?

Hi All,

I have an opportunity to purchase one of these for around 2k USD, around 15 years old

currently using an anthem mca 225 gen 2 which puts out 400w at 4ohm and 600 at 2oh

I had the AX7e integrated and loved it but found that it's 120w was just not quite enough

worth trying this amp?

also, anybody know if the v-5xe is 2ohm capable?

thanks in advance


I tried this amp about 6 or 7 years ago.  It was just ok, but wasn't a game changer.  Ultimately, I continue to prefer tube amps to SS.

It’s a good purchase if you contact Ayre and they tell you it can still be serviced. 

What improvements are you looking for over the Anthem, and what sound characteristics are most important to you?

i was thinking the balanced connection to my lumin d2 giving me a fully balanced front end might enhance the overall presentation, dynamics, and clarity as well as reduce noise floor

however after a few amp swaps in the rack im starting to believe my anthem is really good and that I would need to spend alot to gain a significant upgrade

i can likely re-sell the ayre at minimul loss

I have an Ayre V1xe....a little more fuller/muscle sound.  The Ayre people are excellent and service all their stuff to brand new specs.  Be sure to use your new Ayre with balanced connections ...makes a difference.   I have all differentially balanced throughout...even the phono is xlr connected.

In my opinion, anything from Ayre is a quality product that will be serviced whether you are the original owner or second or third. And, anything with the Diamond circuit is killer.

I own the MX-R/KX-R (non Twenty) and find them to be very capable in my system. When a cap blew on the MX-R, Ayre had me ship it back for repair. It took 2 weeks and they charged me very little-including return shipping.

Same thing for a Codex that shorted somehow.



The AX-7e is rated at 60wpc. The V-5xe is 150wpc.

You mention 20 ohms- did you mean 2 ohms.

In any case, I would call or email Ayre. Ryan or Ariel would be the best people to answer your question.



Ayre is obviously an exceptional company that makes outstanding products, but at 15 years old the amp is a bit long in the tooth, which may be a consideration. Another exceptional amp around the same price is this highly upgraded McCormack DNA-1 that has the Silver Special upgrade (basically almost a complete rebuild and thus basically a new amp) that was done in 2018. Plus, if desired or you get “the itch” there are further upgrades that can make even more improvements (i.e. The Gravity Base, etc.). My guess would be the Ayre would be the smoother and slightly warmer sounding amp while the DNA-1 would come across as more clear and transparent sounding (maybe a little more similar to your Anthem in that regard), but that’s just a semi-educated guess as a DNA-0.5 RevA that’s currently at SMcAudio getting full upgrades. The DNA-1 is listed at $2295 so not far off the Ayre and may be negotiable. Anyway, I doubt you’d go wrong with the Ayre but just another option FWIW, and best of luck.