purchasing US made speakers

I currently have psb imagine t2 speakers. I am interested in replacing them with US manufactured speakers 10-12 k being the maximum price....perhaps aerial acoustics, vandersteen,,,,,any thoughts? My hearing at age 70 diminishes at 8,000 hz so a good midrange is probably good.
If you're lucky enough to find them Emerald Physics (open baffle) either 3.4s (which I have) or 2.8s, which I hope to have soon. The 3.4s are crazy good and super efficient, but in my 20 x 40 x 12ft room some music needs more bass, which the 2.8s should provide
Charney Audio Companions would be a good fit. Depending on your choice of driver they should fit right into your budget. They are hand crafted in the great state of NJ USA!!

There are nice used pairs of Joseph Audio Perspectives available for around $6k.  Have them sent to Jeff Joseph for latest Graphene upgrade and you’ll have some awesome speaks for around $10k. 

Another option that could save you $$$ is the LSA 20 Statement available new here discounted by the manufacturer for $4500/pr (retail $7k) that includes some nice speaker cables as a bonus.  It’s said they targeted the Perspectives as their performance bogey, and they reach down to a very respectable 25Hz.  Initial reviews of the new LSA models have been stellar, and they offer a 30-day trial, which is really nice.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.