purchasing US made speakers

I currently have psb imagine t2 speakers. I am interested in replacing them with US manufactured speakers 10-12 k being the maximum price....perhaps aerial acoustics, vandersteen,,,,,any thoughts? My hearing at age 70 diminishes at 8,000 hz so a good midrange is probably good.
Jacobsen, I do own Aerial 7t’s. I don’t have as much experience as a lot of other folks on this site, but I did audition several speakers in the 6-10k price range and liked the Aerials the best. They are also easy on the eyes.
glubson,  Indeed USA built speakers use drivers from other countries. I prefer to spend the money that I can to firms in this country, even if a bit more costlier....a bit...For instance my new hvac is a Carrier. The drivers are not the main expense in the cost of speakers. and I like supporting USA craftsmen.