purchasing US made speakers

I currently have psb imagine t2 speakers. I am interested in replacing them with US manufactured speakers 10-12 k being the maximum price....perhaps aerial acoustics, vandersteen,,,,,any thoughts? My hearing at age 70 diminishes at 8,000 hz so a good midrange is probably good.
What aspects of speaker performance and sound reproduction are most important to you?
Vandersteen Treo have the excellent tri woven midrange also used in the $15 k Quattro- they are an easy load and integrate well into most rooms. I run mine with a 40 wpc SS amp and a 100 wpc tube amp. Enjoy your search and the music of which there is plenty below 8 kHz !!!!!
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One of the things that declines as we get older is the ability to easily follow voices and instruments in the presence of a lot of reflections. If you have noticed increased difficulty in carrying on a conversation at a party where a lot of people are talking at once, that’s it. The same thing happens when listening to music: Too many reflections will reduce clarity and intelligibility.  What was a nice, rich, enveloping reverberant field of yesteryear is now tiring to try to listen through. 

Imo something that makes sense in this situation would be highly directional loudspeakers, such that the direct sound dominates over the reflections. I can get more specific if you’d like, but it starts to become self-serving because this is the sort of stuff I do.

Also, you may still be able to hear high frequencies, but the volume level just has to be louder than before. So don’t necessarily stop your search at 8 kHz! I do agree with you that your situation places a premium on treble and midrange quality south of 8 kHz.

three....easy........current amp is Mark Levinson 585 and nad t778 surround.....;
audiokinesis2....no problem with live conversation...problem with voices I attribute to AT&T which my younger sister notices. 
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Ohm speakers handmade in Brooklyn USA. 
Tekton Moab, Encore or Ulfberht. Easy to drive, superb midrange, made in Utah.
The Aerial 7 t’s are outstanding.
Squeak_king_77, thanks for the mention.

Jacobsen1948, thanks for your reply. Glad to hear that you have no trouble following conversations. 

Very nice amp by the way! And you mentioned using an NAD amp for surround... so are these speakers for a multichannel system?

If so, do you use a center channel speaker?

Are you using subwoofers?

Can you tell me a little about your room?

How important is the width of the sweet spot?


Devore. Characteristics of the Gibbon line are very good detail and realism in the mids, highs are extended and super smooth. Deep, layered imaging.
Orangutan speakers have high sensitivity and present a more immediate sound. Very lively and realistic, compared to Harbeth and Audio Note.
Made in Brooklyn.

audiokinesis2....no problem with live conversation
.Even though I am not the same age I’ve always had trouble listening to two conversations at once. It's not my ears it's my brain or mind or both.I'm with Lowrider57. Devore Orangutan looks and sounds great and is easy to drive.
audiokinesis.....While I listen to quite a bit of stereo music, the speakers would be used as a part of a multi channel system. The center channel is important. The room is  about 18' wide and 15' deep and is open to an eating area and kitchen. I sit about 11' from lt and rt speakers which are 30 inches from the front wall and about 8' apart. The back of the couch upon which I sit faces the open area to the eating area and kitchen The ceiling is 10' high. A wide sweet spot is not essential.
gphill.....thanks....do you own 7ts. 
currently use two sunfire hrs 10" subwoofers.
Have you thought of Magnepan I'm an older guy too and they sound wonderful to me. The 3.7i should be great with your 2 subs.
 I thought Aerial was now made in China...?
I have a bit of a hearing issue. May I recommend the Klipsch Heritage line. The clarity has helped me better follow notes and voices better. I run the Forte 3 and rarely miss a note or discern a vocal. 
Jacobsen, Audiokinesis has a very valid point and hificrazed has tripped over one answer. You will be better served with very directional loudspeakers. You will perceive more detail and better imaging. The two types that fit the prescription best are horns and Electrostatics. 
The Klipsch Cornwall IV at $6000/pr  are very hard to beat https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2020/04/13/klipsch-cornwall-iv-speaker-review-the-gentle-giant/
The Sound Labs Majestic 545 would be another excellent choice but they are $14K, over your price range. With your subwoofers they will give you detail and transient response that can not be bettered regardless of price. They will give you a larger sound stage than you are use to.
Both speakers are special in that they do not throw any acoustic energy at the side walls, ceiling or floor limiting reflections and reverberation. The Klipsch speakers have the additional benefit of being highly efficient. 50 watts will blow you out of the room.
In addition, if you were to get a preamp like the Anthem STR you could program it to correct for your hearing deficit.You can switch back to a normal curve when others are present. Just a thought:)  

Lots of interesting ideas and thoughts. Thank you.
Have a look at the Salk Lineup and see if anything stands out ...

The first two that come to mind are Magnepan and Klipsch Heritage line.  I would definitely demo the Magnepans, if possible.
If you want the best get MAGICO A3s best sound,best made and USA.
Great link US MFG  yogiboy!!
Yes @yogiboy  I've never seen that site before a pretty comprehensive list thanks for the link.
Would you consider horns?  I use to have Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage speakers.  After selling them I went on a mission to find new speakers and never would have considered horn speakers.  However, when comparing horn to other non horn speakers including Vandersteen, I was blown away on how good horns sounds.  I ended up purchasing Viking Acoustic Grande Voix that are made in Sante Fe, NM.  They have a Berlin speakers that is awesome sounding in your price point.  The owner /designer is David Counsel.  Check our tge website and give him a call/
If that is what will make it or break it. I cannot say it for a fact, but some of the drivers (from the companies from above mentioned American made audio website) may not be Made in U.S.A.
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"We don’t have to go there. That discussion is threadbare."

It may be to you and me, but OP expressed interest in origin of his purchase.
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Assuming is not always correct.
I'm partial to Omega Speakers. Hand made in Connecticut. They use their own proprietary drivers which are also made here in the States. The owner, Louis, It's also great to deal with.
Jacobsen, I do own Aerial 7t’s. I don’t have as much experience as a lot of other folks on this site, but I did audition several speakers in the 6-10k price range and liked the Aerials the best. They are also easy on the eyes.
glubson,  Indeed USA built speakers use drivers from other countries. I prefer to spend the money that I can to firms in this country, even if a bit more costlier....a bit...For instance my new hvac is a Carrier. The drivers are not the main expense in the cost of speakers. and I like supporting USA craftsmen.
Welllll the reality is there are few if any 100% made in USA speakers.... however there are some designed here , assy and testing here, cabinets Made here ( many fewer ) .. Vandersteen scour the world for custom drivers with many cones made in USA by them in Hanford, CA, caps and coils made here... But ya, there are a few parts not made here...

of course, there are no export jobs IF everyone has the buy local mindset..
I should mention I have two pair of Steens and his made in USA amplifiers, and Apogee, Quad (UK ), ADS, Dynaco, and Klipsch speakers.... oh and quasi Kentucky Thiels...
$&@??!!! Forgot the Totems and the Electrovoice....

I understand. I just wanted to point out, in case you are very particular about the subject, that many speakers may have many parts from elsewhere.

For example, Aerial states that drivers, other parts, and some cabinets are largely not manufactured in the U.S.A. Assembly of the final speaker is fully in the U.S.A. while most of the parts seem to be from all over the world.
If you're lucky enough to find them Emerald Physics (open baffle) either 3.4s (which I have) or 2.8s, which I hope to have soon. The 3.4s are crazy good and super efficient, but in my 20 x 40 x 12ft room some music needs more bass, which the 2.8s should provide
Used prices on Acoustic Zen "Crescendos" fall within your price range. 
Charney Audio Companions would be a good fit. Depending on your choice of driver they should fit right into your budget. They are hand crafted in the great state of NJ USA!!