Purchasing from Japan

Greetings all,
    Has anyone purchased an item from Japan? I'm interested in buying the DAC module for an Accuphase integrated and an eBay seller from Japan has a new one for just over half of the US retail. Voltage is not an issue in this case, I have confirmed that. The seller has hundreds of sales with perfect feedback and has quickly answered two questions that I asked. So I feel good about that. Shipping of this small package would be by DHL. VAT and import duties not included but shipping is free. Does anyone know what I can expect for a purchase price of about $1,100?
Accuphase markup in the US is outrageous.  I would not hesitate to buy direct from Japan.  Check out the Accuphase prices in Japan on the PriceJapan.com website! DAC-40 is $853.
It is highly unlikely that you will get ripped off doing business in Japan.  I've lived here for many years and have not come across a scam yet.  I have bought and sold audio equipment here and have been impressed by the level of honesty and integrity.     
I have purchased cartridges at 50% off; Koetsu Platinum Signature Jade and a My Sonic Gold.
  They came from Tommy at epicuretwo@yahoo.com. He's been around for some time and posts monthly specials, should you be interested in high end gear at great prices.


I recently purchased an AudioTechnica AT 150 MLX cartridge out of curiosity. to compare to my Ortofon 2M Black

I bought it directly from Japan, as the price point was considerably lower than here in Canada.

Shipping was fast and completely trouble free. I would not hesitate to by from Japan directly again. I also bought an ESP guitar a few years ago from japan with no problems whatsoever.

Do a little research on the seller, and if they are legitimate, go ahead.

By the way, the AT 150 MLX does not come close to the 2M Black for my taste.

Hi Oranfoster,

How do you like your dac in your Accuphase?
I'm concidering the same purchase but am doubting about the voltage issue. You wrote that you checked it out and it's not an issue. Is it possible to explain what you know about that?

recently bought a used e600. Very, very happy with it👍