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Greetings all,
    Has anyone purchased an item from Japan? I'm interested in buying the DAC module for an Accuphase integrated and an eBay seller from Japan has a new one for just over half of the US retail. Voltage is not an issue in this case, I have confirmed that. The seller has hundreds of sales with perfect feedback and has quickly answered two questions that I asked. So I feel good about that. Shipping of this small package would be by DHL. VAT and import duties not included but shipping is free. Does anyone know what I can expect for a purchase price of about $1,100?
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I would ask him if he is an authorized Accuphase dealer and would check this with Accuphase as well. In case he is not, is he an authorized dealer in Japan for other brands, does he have an official website? If all is negative, there is a substantial risk, I would think.
There are people here who I know buy cartridges from Japan but they are not taliking yet.
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I have purchased many items (75-100) from Japan and never had a problem. Packaging is almost always superb. As always, due diligence though.
What is the name of that ebay seller. I'd be interested in contacting them about purchasing some obscure CDs.
I bought a number of records from Japanese but that was $50-$100 purchases. Buying high end equipment is quite different.
I have purchased both CDs and pairs of 300b tubes from Japan. Items arrive promptly, mostly via EMS. Packing is always excellent. Nothing has ever been broken. 
Hey, good information. I'm always thankful to have this community to tap into! The eBay seller is iseshima_japan. I went ahead and ordered it. He was quick to follow with a tracking number so I'm optimistic! 
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I have purchased many CDs (Japan limited editions or higher-rez pressings than available here), all my Venus Records CDs and SACDs, a lot of other SACDs and more than half of my XRCD, XRCD2 and XRCD24s from Japan as well as Hong Kong. This has almost always been from 2-3 eBay sellers I have a long track record with.  Packaging and service are excellent and I've never had an issue.
I wouldn't be concerned with CD's, from Japan. However, if purchasing audio gear, you need to be sure it's not a Grey market component...All the risk is on the buyer. 
Well, it will be interesting to see how it goes. I think this IS a grey market item, the seller seems to specialize in a variety of expensive items, from watches to accurate scales to Japanese audio. But, all indications seems positive. I bought the phono module from an authorized U.S. dealer a couple days earlier. It will be instructive to see how the two compare in packaging and timeliness of delivery. 

By the way, I already have a good DAC and a pretty good phono stage, but am just so impressed with my new (used) E-470 that I felt compelled to complete the package. The noise floor of the integrated amp is so low that I'm going on a hunch that the two modules will be exceptionally quite too. I think my basic setup has real promise; Clearaudio Maestro v.2 cart, great (highly modded Rega) 'table, the Accuphase with phono board, and a pair of ATC SCM 19's. 

I agree, you probably purchased a Grey market component. And most likely it is an authentic componets from Accuphase. The only problem your going to have is if you need to get service the US distributer will be of no help. 

Also, looks like you have a great rig, ATC are excellent speakers...Enjoy!
Accuphase DAC-40 in the slot! I'm shocked at how fast it arrived. Nicely boxed by the eBay seller, the inner Accuphase packaging was itself a work of corrugated origami art: a gem of a circuit board inside. I couldn't be more happy with this transaction. Maybe the moral of the story is.... Communicate with a potential 'grey market' seller, do a little research, follow your instincts, and save a bit of money if all looks good.

Do you know how grey market develops and what do you support by saving a few extra bucks?
    I appreciate the question. In this particular case I assume that the product was not obtained illegally. Of course, that is an assumption. And I understand that this sale might seem like it would take the same sale away from a U.S. authorized dealer. I would not have purchased this unit otherwise; when I inquired at the nearest dealer (three hour drive) I got only a curt, one word reply: $2,000. 
    I did purchase the Accuphase phono module from an authorized dealer, one that I was referred to by the official importer after an email inquiry. He offered, without my asking, a discount of about $650 off the list price. I'm still waiting for it, he said it would take about three weeks.
    I would only add that I highly value and appreciate the three actual stereo stores in my greater area. I have chosen brands that would not have been necessarily my first choice based only on the fact that I would rather get them from MY local dealer. I've spent thousands of dollars at these stores over the past years, and I just ordered a whole new cable loom from my local guy BECAUSE he is my local guy. And I think the cables are pretty good too.
    Lastly, I wouldn't have bought the whole amp except from an authorized dealer or used that had been from an authorized dealer. For this module, I rationalized my purchase. I hope that I haven't offended the audio gods too bad....
I don't know if Accuphase dealers in Japan would sell anything to the US residents, but I do know that official Accuphase prices in Japan are probably 40% lower than here. I heard that some people actually traveled to Europe to get some expensive equipment there. In the end it was not cheaper except that they had a week vacation in Europe for free. Interesting world.
It is not illegal to purchase from the "Grey Market", many people do and never have an issue with the component they purchased. For those people that do have service issues, they have no support from the US distributor and either have to seek out third party support or return the component to the country of origin. If you except that risk then there are no issues.  
Accuphase markup in the US is outrageous.  I would not hesitate to buy direct from Japan.  Check out the Accuphase prices in Japan on the PriceJapan.com website! DAC-40 is $853.
It is highly unlikely that you will get ripped off doing business in Japan.  I've lived here for many years and have not come across a scam yet.  I have bought and sold audio equipment here and have been impressed by the level of honesty and integrity.     
I have purchased cartridges at 50% off; Koetsu Platinum Signature Jade and a My Sonic Gold.
  They came from Tommy at epicuretwo@yahoo.com. He's been around for some time and posts monthly specials, should you be interested in high end gear at great prices.


I recently purchased an AudioTechnica AT 150 MLX cartridge out of curiosity. to compare to my Ortofon 2M Black

I bought it directly from Japan, as the price point was considerably lower than here in Canada.

Shipping was fast and completely trouble free. I would not hesitate to by from Japan directly again. I also bought an ESP guitar a few years ago from japan with no problems whatsoever.

Do a little research on the seller, and if they are legitimate, go ahead.

By the way, the AT 150 MLX does not come close to the 2M Black for my taste.

Hi Oranfoster,

How do you like your dac in your Accuphase?
I'm concidering the same purchase but am doubting about the voltage issue. You wrote that you checked it out and it's not an issue. Is it possible to explain what you know about that?

recently bought a used e600. Very, very happy with it👍

Hi Muziekliefhebber,
    Congratulations on your E-600! These Accuphase components are just amazing. From the iconic look, its top-notch fit and finish, and the sublime sound, Accuphase kit is just spectacular. I bought the Accuphase DAC module from a Japanese seller on Ebay, from iseshima_japan. It arrived extremely fast and well packaged. Huge savings from a US dealer. 
    Installation was easy. That great display on the front panel will indicate the digital sample rate. The sound is extremely detailed but retains the Accuphase house sound... liquid smooth. The advantage of the on-board DAC is the synergy, less interconnects, and it taps into the extremely high quality on-board power supply. 

Hi Oranfoster,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, it's a very nice sounding and looking piece of equipment.

However, i'm wondering if the dac from Japan will work propperly in an European Accuphase. In Europe we have the 220 Volt elektricity, which is different from the voltage in Japan. You wrote that that isn't a problem, but i'm wondeing how you found out.

Can you tell something about how you are so sure?

Thanks for your reply!


Sorry, guess I never answered your question. I DID ask that question and was told that the module works with units configured for any voltage. And there was absolutely no indication on the manual or box indicating for a specific voltage. I bought one intended for the Japanese market and it works as intended for my North American unit.
Thanks Oranfoster!
A friend lives in Tokyo and will visit the Netherlands soon. I'm going to ask him to bring the dac with him, and save me quite a lot of bugs... He was looking for a birthdaypressent annyway.....

Needless to say, but even without the dac the e-600 is an absolutely brilljant piece. Very, very impressed listining this morning too the fablous Monty Alexander trio live in Montreux. Fantastic music and totaly impressive sound. 

Keep the music playing!