Purchased "New Orleans" set on Newvelle Records, all I can say is wow!

I've long been curious regarding Newvelle Records vinyl recordings, but I didn't care to buy a whole set of them, so I ordered, and just received, the New Orleans set of Jon Cleary, Irma Thomas, Ellis Marsalas (with Jason Marsalas), and Little Freddie King.

The recordings are outstanding, but I've only listened to half of the LPs so far, but color me impressed.

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Thank you for the heads up.  I had no idea that this recording company existed prior to your posting.  I am now considering a purchase after going to their website.  The list of artists involved is quite impressive.
$200 for a collection of 4 LPs?
That's pricey. They must be real nice.
Did they release in CD or streaming?
I can't find it.
Hmm, interesting. They only release music in vinyl, not in CD or streaming.