Purchased amplifier, seller never shipped

Not sure if this is  the forum for my error in judgment but here it is.

It's been about a year since I sent money to Mivera Audio in Canada. I purchased 2 amplifiers, a 2 channel and a 6 channel amplifier that seller was building up for customers. He shipped the 2 channel after about a 6 month wait but never shipped the 6 channel. He refuses to refund our money of $3600 dollars. His excuse has been that the front panels are at the machine shop and that he had already purchased the parts for the amp. Again, it's been around one year since payment. I know of another fellow audiophile who has a similar experience was same seller. He was able to reclaim his money through Paypal I believe.

I'm trying to reclaim my money using the financial institutions that were used for payment. So far no luck. Any suggestions?
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Merry Christmas, Mike, and I hope the new year finds you kinder and more customer oriented. 😺
Sorry for the gentlemen who got beat up supporting my position. Especially maritime51. What did that poster contribute to the audio forum?

We are in a life changing transition and balancing so much crap going on right now has been challenging. We miss listening to music. I'm hopeful anyone hear (whoops here:) can relate to that. But if you're reading this you're probably in a good situation. High end audio and all this crap. But we worked hard to enjoy music in its purest form right?

Honestly I thought I would get 3 posts regarding our dilemma. We just wanted to move on from this situation. I lost too much sleep over this, my therapist wife none. But then she wanted a "better" amplifier...

I'm hopeful this issue in the end helps Mike deal with business matters, and his business grows. Up to him. Killer amp for the money.

We're hopeful too to giving back to the community with crappy reviews about gear and especially cables. Not sorry cable haters, we hate nice cables too because they cost a lot.

Still trying to retire..

Happy Holidays to all

Yes out over over 200 clients so far, 1 unhappy client is too many. A 99.5% satisfaction rate is a failure. I will aim for 100% moving forward. The best way to achieve this is no more custom work, and much higher margins. I can no longer let clients talk me into making unprofitable products with long lead times anymore. 
LOL, you are supposed to be a business person. No one talks you into anything; you make a conscious decision to either accept, or reject, an offer, just as all of us in business do.

And, as clients, we don’t really care what your margins are. We make the same decision you do, we either buy a product because it fills a need and we see it as a value, or we don’t. This is independent of your profit margin. 

I bet that there are some excellent business classes at your local community college. You might avail yourself of their knowledge before posting again.