Purchase MP3 to WAV converter ?

Most of the music I like is only available in MP3's. Presently I'm using a free MP3 to WAV converter so I can listen to CD's in my car or my home system. Here's the problem: I'm find that I can successfully download 70 to 85% of the music but invariably some of the tracks do not convert.

I'm wondering if I would have better luck purchasing a converter on-line. If so, which one?
Just download several of the free ones. If you are having such great success with most MP3s you hopefully will find some that work on the few that are troublesome.

The tech is changing so quickly I would not spend money on a converter. A free one that works 100% of the time may be right around the corner.

I cannot suggest what to use as I do not like MP3s. I have had great results with EAC, Dbpa, Media Monkey and JRiver (all free versions)

Good Listening to you!
My cars, going back to '06 or '07 have all been able to play MP3 files.

MP3 is fine in the car. Sorry, CD only, so you are up against a 650 meg limit.

If your car player won't play an MP3, maybe an upgrade, plug in player would work?
look for the wavepad sound editor. There's a pro and a free version. You can even edit music, compress it, etc. I think you're missing some serious sound quality by listening to only mp3 but that's another conversation! If you have a good car system, listen to a well recorded piece of music on cd or some of the new hi rez downloads available from places like hdtracks. Night and day, I think you'll be impressed.