Purchase breaks well within 30 days


I purchased a $3750 dac used from a member and within a few weeks one of the two channels stopped working inexplicably.

The dac is under warranty but because the authorized repair shop recommends the entire dac board to be replaced it may take 4-6 month to get the part as the manufacturer is way behind because of covid and has limited capacity to manufacture things.  At minimum will be 3 months.

I would think
If repair estimated to be free and within 60 days or so the buyer should just be patient and not ask for refund.

But if a very lengthy repair timeline I am of the mind that a refund is appropriate but wanted input of others.

For sake of discussion lets assume seller had no idea there was problem and buyer did not contribute to problem

If I bought a premium car would expect sale voided....if bought cheaper car different story. 

Premium product sold as premium deserves higher standard.

I would take car back fix it and sell it again or offer buyer premium discount for inconvenience.

BTW The dac manufacturer is low on new inventory due to covid so would not expect them to give me new one...
Was it made clear to you the sale did not offer a return policy of any kind?
You asked for our thoughts, but don't like the answers your getting.

it's difficult because the problem is the manufacturers inability to do timely repairs, and probably everyone involved acted in good faith, but these are difficult times...
I guess you guys think the deal part of buying it used means you lucky it works at all.
No on here has suggested that at all. There seems to be universal agreement that if the item hadn't worked properly when you first received it, then a refund would have been in order.
I will focus purchases from dealers especially now going forward as the prevailing sentiment here seems to be that you got a deal so you lucky it works at all ...
That's your sentiment, not the prevailing sentiment. It probably is best for you to work with dealers in the future, though. It's a dealer's job to work with customers who have an issue.