Purchase breaks well within 30 days


I purchased a $3750 dac used from a member and within a few weeks one of the two channels stopped working inexplicably.

The dac is under warranty but because the authorized repair shop recommends the entire dac board to be replaced it may take 4-6 month to get the part as the manufacturer is way behind because of covid and has limited capacity to manufacture things.  At minimum will be 3 months.

I would think
If repair estimated to be free and within 60 days or so the buyer should just be patient and not ask for refund.

But if a very lengthy repair timeline I am of the mind that a refund is appropriate but wanted input of others.

For sake of discussion lets assume seller had no idea there was problem and buyer did not contribute to problem

If you bought it NEW and it broke in two weeks, your recourse would be to send it for repair.

You bought used, paid less, and you want the seller of the used product to offer a better return policy than the manufacturer?

Why would you possibly think the solution is equitable?

Remind me to never make a sale to you.
I agree with most of the responses. The item was sold used/as is. And I assume not at the cost of a new item. But I wouldn’t think the seller has any responsibility to do anything.

I see that the op only has one completed transaction.  I assume the transaction is the one we are talking about. It’s a bummer that the OP only transaction worked out like this.

 Certainly CC dispute is a option, but imho not in the spirit of buying a used item. And if someone did that to me, I would never sell to again.
I must agree with csmgolf.

It's fortunate that the manufacturer extends the warranty to subsequent owners, lucky for you, most do not.

Every time I evaluate purchasing a new vs. pre-owned item, I always factor in the risk into my purchase price offer.
The seller is not a dealer. A dealer might take it back to maintain a good working relationship with the purchaser but there is no such benefit for the seller. Patience is a virtue and this is the kind of deal you cut when buying used equipment. 
This doesn't seem to add up compared to the many transactions I have accomplished on this site. The OP's mention of a CC makes me wonder if this was a dealer of some sort (used equipment dealer maybe?) or maybe the OP is talking about PayPal. Also, the OP's discussion of 60 days and then 30 days implies some form of formal trial period, which is rare but not unheard of for used equipment resellers (such as The Music Room). However, that the OP doesn't seem to know if there was a trial period, how long that period was, or the exact terms, supports what has been assumed here, that the "member" the OP purchased from is a private seller.   If the OP is in fact a lawyer, he/she should have a better understanding of the need to review the terms of a deal.  In the future, the OP should probably purchase their gear new to receive the protections offered by working with a dealer.