Purchase breaks well within 30 days


I purchased a $3750 dac used from a member and within a few weeks one of the two channels stopped working inexplicably.

The dac is under warranty but because the authorized repair shop recommends the entire dac board to be replaced it may take 4-6 month to get the part as the manufacturer is way behind because of covid and has limited capacity to manufacture things.  At minimum will be 3 months.

I would think
If repair estimated to be free and within 60 days or so the buyer should just be patient and not ask for refund.

But if a very lengthy repair timeline I am of the mind that a refund is appropriate but wanted input of others.

For sake of discussion lets assume seller had no idea there was problem and buyer did not contribute to problem

Do not cry get it fixed and move on.
Bummer, but not the seller's fault.  You're lucky the manufacturer will honor the warranty.  Many won't unless you're the original owner.  Buy yourself something like a used Schiit Bifrost to tide you over until the repair is done and flip it when you get your unit back.
it is under warranty so get it repaired  no the sellers responsibility  this is the reason why i make sure that I email the person I am dealing with to state the terms of a buy or sale.
I would not unilaterally complain to CC company as that is over the top but I would likely take back if shoe on other foot and I was the seller.  

I think seller should back product for 30 days ....

Here lasted like two weeks and used less than ten hours probably like 5 hours.

I left it with seller that broke too soon and too little use and repair will take too long but if he would not want to return it if he was the buyer than so be it.

If you bought it NEW and it broke in two weeks, your recourse would be to send it for repair.

You bought used, paid less, and you want the seller of the used product to offer a better return policy than the manufacturer?

Why would you possibly think the solution is equitable?

Remind me to never make a sale to you.