Purcell's 'Fantasias for Viols' by Jordi Savall

Sr. Savall has produced another masterpiece with his 2008 release of the 1994 performance of Henry Purcell's fantasias for a consort of viols. Never published in Purcell's lifetime, these pieces are rarely performed and even more rarely recorded. IMO, the pieces deserve as much attention as anything else I can think of in the chamber repertoire. They are that good. And Sr. Savall's highly introspective interpretation does more justice to them than any that I have heard.

The recording is presented as a CD/SACD hybrid. For my taste, the CD portion sounds a bit bright and thin (it is after all a CD), and I have no SACD player. So there you go.

If any chamber music fan does not like this amazing package I will not refund your money, but I will be quite surprised.
IMHO: Purcell's music is as good as any of the period and is under appreciated. My personal favorite is "The Fairy Queen". I believe I owned the CD you mention. Was it originally on Astree?
Yes, it was on Astree and now is on Alia Vox. Some of the old Astree CDs with the white covers are different performances from the Alia Vox's with the same titles. Some are strikingly different, like the Saint Colombe for instance. This one however is the exact same recording remastered for SACD hybrid. As I said above, it might be a bit bright with a little bit of typical digital glare. Not one of the better sounding discs, but a definitive performance.
Being a countertenor,I have a special love for Purcell.I will have to check out the consort of viols.Has anyone tried the Purcell and Blow Countertenor Duets with Michael Chance and James Bowman on Hyperion?

I want Purcell for my funeral.