punk was an assault on disco

punk was an assault on disco and thankfully killed the beast =).

i grew up listening to and loving the stuff. as others have said...it wasn't about the "music". it was a culture thing. never really liked the sex pistols but bands like velvet underground, joy division, iggy pop and the romones are still some of my oldy favorites. these guys actually knew how to write and perform. i was very fortunate to see them all live. i'll never forget a joy division show i saw in the UK.....i remember it like it was yesterday. talk about atmosphere and passion!. incredible!

every time i think about this stuff, i gotta smile.
Punk was also an assault on prog rock. New wave emerged from punk as keyboardists/synthesists resumed their rightful place in rock.
Disco had its moments, too.

Punk rock was a not so much a breath of fresh air to the music scene but a full blown hurricane.
My friends 'two bob' pub punk band 'The Anabolic Steroids' motto was 'ability stinks'....
Really fun times being in and around the late 70's with that to brief musical revolution in the mecca of music.
No more pogoing! and definitely no more swapping spit from across the room, ewwww...........
punk was the music too....an incredible time for sure. loved the whole pub rock thing too...the tyla gang, the motors, brinsley scwharz, and my fav doctor feelgood (Wilco Johnson rules)
I like punk and cherish my Ethel Merman Disco Album.
Disco had its moments, too.

I agree. Speaking from the perspective of someone whose listening is 95% classical music, it has always puzzled me why so many people are so negative about disco. The top hits of Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Van McCoy, and a lot of what the Bee Gees did in "Saturday Night Fever" leave me, and I would think most anyone, unable to sit still (and before anyone makes any wisecracks, I'll say that I mean that in a positive sense, not in the sense of being unable to stay in the room).

Perhaps what prompts all the negativism is the schlock which followed those mega-hits, as the record industry tried to capitalize on their popularity and over-saturated the market.

-- Al
this post was meant to be a reply to the "punk" post below. stupid newbe mistake on my behalf. the disco comment was meant to be a joke, although there is *some* truth in the comment.

my problem with disco wasn't so much the music, as it was the white leisure suits lol!.

lots of folks hated disco, not just the punk rockers.

punk hated almost everything excepted by the mainstream. crazy days for sure!
When I was a boy ads for large assortments of fireworks always ended with "free punk". I never ordered any so I never found out what it was but I imagined it to be some cord you could light that would burn brightly for a little while and ignite other things. Just like punk music.
If you were fortunate enough to have been at Max's Kansas City, Club 82 , CBGBS you know how much fun it was.
"cord you could light that would burn brightly for a little while and ignite other things. Just like punk music."

so VERY true!

outstanding analogy.
In the age of disco I could go to a club and ask a girl to dance and she would tell me to "Get lost". With punk I could go to a club and ask a girl to dance and she would punch me in the face before telling me to "Get lost".

I agree: Those were tough times all around.

CBGB was a pretty hilarious place to see a show - kinda like watching in a hallway. I once saw a band called "The Shirts" play there and the drummer managed to hit someone in the crowd with a snare or tom that he kicked over. The ensuing fight came back toward me in the rear of the house like a wave in slow motion. One of the oddest things I've ever seen.


PS The band's singer, Annie Golden, went on to some success an an actress. I think she was one of the leads in Milos Foreman's film adaptation of "Hair".
Punk wasn't counterculture, it was anticulture.
Punk was a movement or slice of time like anything else albeit more overglorified than most im gettin old the stuff seems tame now bring on elp and kc!
annie golden is an incredible singer!