Punctured Woofer

My little 4 year old used my martin-logan aerius woofer as a pincushion and put three 3mm sized holes in the cone. If I can get to them (don't know how yet) are they repairable by me. Is there a role for duct tape in this? Or do they go back to the factory for replacement? They have developed a mild rattling buzz where the holes are.
Thanks for any ideas
My first reaction is to fill the holes with General Electric Silicone. I would use the black color and use as little as possible, but enough to do the job. Before following my advice, I would see if other members have better ideas.

Chances are ML factory people will advise you to replace it. If that is your last resort, experimenting with my idea can't hurt.
Call Miller Sound in PA, they can advise you accordingly and probably can do the work if they advise against DIY application. The did the sourrounds on my speakers for $35 with I thought was very reasonable.
215 412-7700
Get it cryoed!
Use an epoxy they're very light and ridged. Just be sure to apply it very conservatively
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I get a sense that I can at least try to repair it by myself. Now if only I can figure out how to get the panels off.