Punchy power cord

Hi all,
My friend is looking for a good resonably priced punchy power cord, something that is punchy and bodied in the bass and midbass area and that has got reasonable low bass! Would appreciate your advise! Thanks in advance!
I bought 3 signature pc's from A canadian company called virtual dynamics. Use the search feature here, there have been a lot happy users posting opinions. I love mine.
ditto on the virtual dynamics coment. they're also running alot of promotional prices right now, so it's a good time to buy.
Try the Tekline cords. They come in different sizes but they have good bass and the mids are nice also. I currently use the Powersnakes sidewinder. To me this cord is more musical with my tube amp.
Third the Virtual Dynamics cords. I bought the Power 3 and Audition PC's and liked them so I got their IC's and SPKR cables. Eric
Hi guys,
How about the PS Audio Lab cable Mk II and Mini Lab! Would this 2 be more punchy and bodied than the Tekline or VD cords!
Hey Eric,

What components are you using the P3 and Audition powercords with?
Hi Ramesh,the first thing that comes to mind when you said punchy power cord is the NBS Monitor O, great on my EMC 1. If I remember correctly as I used to have the PS Lab power cord (original one) and I believe their anything but punchy. The only placed I used them was the PP300 because they sound a little bloated on other components.
I second the Shunyata Sidewinder, and the VD Power 3 I'm still breaking in, I like what I'm hearing IMHO.

Just my experience. How are you doing anyway?
Don't forgt the BMI Whale Elite II, lot's of bang for the buck!
Virtual Dynamics. I have an Audition power cord on the simamp. Emmy Lou's Spyboy cd now makes complete musical sense to listen to....some great bass lines...I never heard such clarity but it is very good from top to bottom, not just a bass champ.....lloyd
Viggen, P3 on Amp, Tuner and Audition on CDP. My Rogue Magmnum M120 Monoblocks are coming in this week, what do you guys recommend? What is the main difference between Power 3 and Power 2 and 1??

Ditto, ditto on the Virtual Dynamics cords. "Punchy" or "D-Y-N-A-M-I-C is the first word I would use to describe these great cords.

I'm using an "Audition" and a couple "Power 3's" to great effect.

The Power 3 especially was a big surprise, as it outperformed a number of much more exspensive cords in my set-up.

For $50. on the current promo -- a real no brainer!