Punch in your votes: Krell KAV300i VS Class CAP151

Please punch in your votes for this integrated amplifier:
Krell KAV300i or Classe CAP-151
Class CAP-151 hands down.
I did not have the chance to hear the Classe but the Krell is certainly a good amp if your system is not bright. In a warm system it sounds great but I also tried it with my Dynaudio Audience 82 and Siltech cables all around and the result was AWFUL. The highs made your ears bleed after a few minutes. However this amp had great power and control.
UHHH they both suck!
Both are bright and artificial sounding.
Get some tubes or check out the Sim Audio integrated.
I would agree with jrogers. I've owned both of these integrated amps a few years ago and now I am using a Consonance M100 plus integrated tube amplifier. The tubes are so much more 3 dimensional and real sounding that I will probably never go back to solid state.
Definetly Classe, if you primarily listen to CD's.