Pulsus, Ares, Ph3d, or Chinook?

I need help in deciding between the AVID, Rogue Audio, Sutherland and Manley phono pre to compliment a VPI Classic I with Soundsmith Zephyr at the tip.

Like the AVID for its compact size but don't know how it compares with the other ones.
Like the tubey nature of the Chinook and Ares. They're a toss up perhaps?
Like the idea of batteries and less RF hum of the Ph3d but wonder if sound could be too bland or cool.

At least compared to the Chinook (haven't heard the others), get the Allnic H1201. It's far better. It's also tiny, if size is a concern for you. I preferred the H1201 to even the Zesto Andros PS1.