Pull the fuse in the analogue section?

I have a Sony scd5400es which I use as a transport feeding an ARC dac 8. I was pondering, being that the sony has 2 independent transformers, one for analog, and another digital, and The fact that I use the transport strictly for digital output only anyway, that pulling the fuse and thus killing power to the analog circuitry might benefit the digital as there would be no interference of the analog circuit.

What do you think? It make sense to me in theory, but who knows if it will work in function. Would I risk hurting anything?....leave it the hell alone? I can see digital path hurting an an analogue path,  but can the analogue path hurt the digital path?  Thinking in the less is more camp. 
I had the DAC 8.

Really benefits from having a reclocker. Recommend the Wyred4Sound.

Leave the fuse alone.

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Thanks everyone.  I will leave the analogue section fuse alone.  You’re right, don’t fix what isn’t broken.  Erik, I use a monarchy audio DAP 24/96 in line with my dac 8 and agree with your comment.  Really refines the sound further, especially in the highs, inner detail. I consider my DAP 24/96 integral, at least with the 5400 as a spinner.