Puccini SE vs.Audio Refinement Complete

After months of waiting, both are finally for sale (used) at the same price. Has anyone ever had the chance to hear both? Reviews seem to suggest very similar traits. I would use either to drive Jean Marie Reynaud Twins mkII's (90 dB sens., stable 4.7 ohm min. imped.). While there are many very happy Complete + Twins owners, I haven't heard anyone who has used the Puccini SE w/ the Twins.
Man, it didnt use to be so hard to get an answer...
You might try searching the forums by keyword "Puccini" and "complete". I know there's some threads like this out there, because I've responded to at least one.
Here are my thoughts:
I've heard both in the same store, on the same speakers.
THe Puccini, I heard first. It is a nice sounding piece, it's Italian, refined, but not really pure in the sense that it isnt as much about resolution or accuracy as it is about sounding good, know what I mean? If you go somewhere, and listen to it, you won't easily be able to fault it, other than th efact that it is easy going, and not as dynamic a 1000 watt Krell monoblock. So, good stuff, not harsh or edgy, but not a KO either. The Complete really blew my mind. I took it home, to see if it was better than my separates (at the time, a Conrad Johnson PV-11L and a McCormack DNA.5 standard (just sold it today!). It wasn't.
But it took a while to find that out. Power-wise, there was plenty of juice to drive my B&W N 805s. THe sound was agile, powerful, supple, and smooth. So very smooth. This thing really, really whips ass. IF I were to EVER have a second system, I would seriously consider this thing. I bet the YBA Integre DT (with 2 transformers) must really be incredible, because the Complete, at $1k, is just a sick piece of equipment. I think that the Puccini looks cooler, but the Complete is available in black or silver. I would feel comfortable recommending either, but for me, and everyone else in the store, the Complete is definately more bang for the buck. And it really has the smooth mids and highs of tubes, with the Oomph of SS on the bass. IF you're looking for a new one, let me know, I have friends in low places...
Thanks for the response, not many people have had the pleasure of a side by side comparison. I've even written to both the individual reviewers of the Puccini SE and Complete at Soundstage! and neither had heard the other, which I would have thought a natural comparison due to their price and similar sound.

And guess what? I am really glad you picked the Complete as superior because I just bought a used one tonight from Ziadsayegh who listed it here yesterday (he lives 45 minutes away). He had 4 offers in a few hours, so I got really lucky.