Psychologist dissects Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'

I never get tired of learning more about this seminal work by one of my favorite artists of all time. 




Gee, I thought it was cool to listen to in a dorm room with good weed.  You mean I have to analyze it?

I always find it laughable when others try to read into a song, what they are sure the artist was trying to say.  You can take almost any and every Pink Floyd song and find a way to see Waters was referencing Syd.  And sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar.   

@czarivey Yup.  My wife & I went to see Waters in concert a few months ago.  Went home after half the show.  If I had wanted a lecture with bad political views, I could have got it for free on the internet.  They had a good run but Waters should have known when to hang it up.  IMHO 

@bigtwin We saw the same show in Denver. I brought my daughter thinking how cool would it be to have Rogers Waters as her first big concert. It was pretty bad. We left soon after the intermission. 

It’s pretty cool that DSOTM continues to sell and at least 3 generations of a given family might share a common appreciation for it.  

This group has been musically instrumental, no pun intended, in my life and even more so with Rush. I find my attention is held better with great lyrics and these bands represent that talent very well. It's always been a mystery to me how to translate great thoughts into lyrics; perhaps that's why it's so appealing. I never agreed with waters political views but I could hear them combined with the sublime David Gilmour. My favorite Floyd album is Division Bell.

Waters writes dark, disturbed, and anguishing lyrics. The sorrowful lyrics are masked by the spirit lifting music produced by Gilmore and Wright. 

He's a bitter man. He could never reconcile his father's sacrifice to his country with his own need to know him. That's understandable but his adoption of the ideology that killed his father is baffling.

Great album, great band, but it was always my understanding that Wish You Were Here was the unsung tribute to Sid Barrett. When I was young and the album was new we thought it (DSOTM) was the belated soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz, with a little recreational assistance of course. My favorite is A Momentary Lapse of Reason. just sayin’


Yep, the bitterness goes really deep in the Final Cut. I really like this album but it's a commitment to listen to. Very well recorded - in Paranoid Eyes you can hear that the 'Colonel' walking to the pub has a limp and is walking on wet cobblestone.

Sorry, I digress...and the bong is calling... 

It’s pretty cool that DSOTM continues to sell and at least 3 generations of a given family might share a common appreciation for it.  

That's more like it.

And i bet many of us do not have only one copy of it.

Credit also to PF for releasing an accessible album at that moment, prog rock's high period, being at the same time innovative, ambitious and a serious statement.

Still though i feel that they were the most overrated rock  band in history with less than great instrument playing.

I stopped trying to read into these fine artful musicians thoughts & imaginations after Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts .  I just sit back sometimes in the dark & enjoy . 

Waters makes it difficult, but not impossible, for me to separate the artist from the art. If I couldn’t do that, there are many, many artists I would have to delete from my collection. Rogers is a piece of anti-Semitic garbage. Yes, he is entertaining, but he should stick to music. I don’t want my politicians cutting records, and I don’t want musicians lecturing us on good and evil as they perceive it.


He's a bitter man. He could never reconcile his father's sacrifice to his country with his own need to know him. That's understandable but his adoption of the ideology that killed his father is baffling.


Nailed it. 

“Well, Nick never pretended. But Gilmour and Rick [Wright, the keyboardist]? They can’t write songs, they’ve nothing to say. They are not artists!” said Waters. “They have no ideas, not a single one between them. They never have had, and that drives them crazy.”

The man has no respect for his co-workers or their contributions. It's a wonder that PF lasted as long as it did.

Roger's an old crank, but I love his music and agree with him on many issues, if not all. 

@bigtwin,  you could have watched Fox and saved a ton of money instead of Waters spewing his love for Russia and Palestine. 

I saw this and it cracked me up!  After fifty years, they are still trying to find new meanings to music where the artists have already told us what they were thinking when they wrote it.

There're countless forums on the Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd etc. trying to find the inner message or meanings to fifty year old tunes. “Paul is dead”

Yes, all rock music should be coherent and intellectually stimulating. Like Frank Zappa.

Roger Waters is another one of those people who achieve fame and fortune and all it does is make them angry and bitter. But if you think he’s angry and bitter now, if he puts out a Roger Waters version of Dark Side, the critical and commercial beating it will take will really give him something to be angry and bitter about.

In a related vein, If anyone is interested in another artist rerecording their 50 year old masterpiece, check out Dave Mason's, "Alone Together Again."  I was skeptical at first, but he did a really good job of it, IMHO.  If you like Dave, check it out.

It's always fascinating to delve deeper into the meaning and themes behind great music, especially when it's a classic album like Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'. I think it's great that psychologists are analyzing the album and trying to understand the human psyche through the music. It just goes to show how powerful music can be in connecting with our emotions and experiences.

Interesting views here.

Some seem to be in the "leave it alone, we already know everything" camp, and other's in the "I learned something new" camp. 

As with most forms art, once the work is released into the wild it takes on a life of it's own. Each individual, each generation interprets it's meaning based on their own biases and life experiences. 

What we "think" we understand about Dark Side today says more about US THAN THEM ; )  

never been my favorite album... unfortunately overproduced.  I like it, but am less enthralled than many.  

I prefer Animals, and the earlier Floyd as well.

The Wall is drudgery, with some redeeming tracks.  I also have not ever been enamored of Wish You Were Here.

Happy Birthday @ 50!  Psychologist huh?  I just Enjoyed the album. Even after it played on a turntable on repeat throughout the night in college.  It alternated with Santana Abraxas. 

Listen to Dan Rather's interview with Roger Waters on AXS tv. Not as cranky and insensitive as you may think. In fact deeply intellectual and committed to his beliefs. You may not agree with them all but you will understand how he got there.

I found it to be one of Dan's better interviews with rock stars on "The Big Interview".

Sounds like academics with too much time on their hands.

Don't do it. Just enjoy the music.

If you really want to understand the ideas behind it, read what Pink Floyd has to say. Who cares what some obscure third party has assumed?



Thank You for the Dave Mason "Alone Together Again"


Happy Listening!

@clearthinker  You have to be kidding.  They're not even in the same league as RUSH, when it comes to worst band in the world.  🤣

Didn't know about this until this morning.  Love the reviewers comments towards the end.



Care.  I didn't say the Floyd are the worst band in the world.  I said they are the most over-rated.

Agreed.  RUSH are far far poorer then the Floyd.  And quite rightly far less highly rated.  We are talking about the quality gulf between public rating and the awful unvarnished actuality.

Always wondered if the appeal of DSOTM came from the band touring and tweaking the album before it was released.

I saw this' Eclipse a piece for assorted lunatics' concert which was the working title at the time and still have the program that was handed out, Philadelphia Spectrum 4/29/72 nearly a year before the March 1973 album release.

The sound system at the show was mind blowing, 4 channel PA on the hockey rink level and 3 PA clusters on both the 2nd and 3rd levels of the venue.

I believe they were working out and experimenting with song things based on audience reaction. Judging by sales, this approach to touring/tweaking before release was a smashing success.



OK you may be correct that they are "the most over-rated".  Let me ask two things: Have you ever enjoyed listening to it?  And how do you suppose DSOTM spent over 1000 weeks on the Billboard chart top selling 100 albums?

Just curious.



then next thing you know

50 years have come and go

while we are still fuking w/our stereo


@jafant - You're welcome.  Dave said the master tapes for the original were burned up in the Universal fire.  He said he still liked the songs and still played them, so why not rerecord it.  I'm glad he did.


Yeah.  I have the MoFi pressing for G**s sake.  Paid $50 years ago and now costing 10x that.

I listen to it nowanagain.  Overblown.  Do I enjoy it??  Not like a whole load of much better stuff.

They ain't the Beatles.  Nowhere near.

15 minutes of some of the sweetest stylings of Gilmore.  

Happy Friday you strange weird freaking people.


The Pink Floyd Band in all its forms and as Solo Artists make very listenable music, the collaborations that have been created with other performers/musicians are to the highest standards. All the above are totally to my tastes.

The Band Specialises when performing live as being and Entertainment Spectacle and are most likely in the Top Five Bands for this.

During recorded music replays, the words used for many songs can be overlooked as the composed music has quite a strong presence.

Once a Political viewpoint is picked up on from understanding the words in use, it doesn't have to be dwelled on. Does one think the entirety of all offering a creativity for the work undertaken to complete the Song and Music shared the Political View? I would say the surrounding team, were glad of their opportunity in front of them only. The end listener can easily adopt the same position, and make the most of the listening opportunity, without loading the experience with negatives about the words selected to be used by one person or a few people.  

Sure, Pink Floyd and Rush suck.

So do Bach and Mozart, they are so overplayed it's ridiculous...

...and spending $5000 on speaker cables makes music "better".

I'll be going back to my home planet now.  

I never read or listen to reviews or critiques of the music I like. What is the point in that if I already like the music?