Psychedelic Get Down Party

60's/70's psychedelic lps, okay?

Let's start with this one:

First time "psychedelic rock" was put to print. (First time the term appears on a lp cover.)

I bet no one gets this.
The 13th Floor Elevators certainly played and recorded all their music on acid and their 1966 album had the word "Psychedelic" in its title. They were preforming in Austin well before the album was released. Not to be pedantic, but the word was coined by Humphrey Osmond in 1957, so the claim is credible.

Many authorities on the subject (e.g., Patrick Lundborg in 2010. The Acid Archives (2nd ed.). Lysergia. p. 394) assert that the Elevators are the "first" psychedelic rock group. Powell St. John (later of "Mother Earth") and a member of 13th Floor discusses "the life and times" here-->

Regardless, Roky Erikson was a very early casualty (and a sad one, too) of the "War On Drugs".
I'll amend my comment. According to ABKCO, "The Deep" released, "Psychedelic Moods" 12/31/1965 and - presumably - therefore it's the first to use the word in the album title. However, the Elevators formed in 1965 and were playing the Austin scene before the first album release date. So, I guess it's a toss up...but I'll go for the 13th Floor myself on this one. At least they recorded more than one album!
Where you getting this 12/31/1965 date from?
Wot is "ABKCO"?

Lundborg's Acid Archives:
" August, 1966 Rusty Evans & the DEEP record the "Psychedelic Moods" LP in Philadelphia"
The RELEASE date would have been later. Like I said ,Oct or Nov '66

Sammy has the origional 13th Floor Elevators lp on yellow/lime International Artists label. Of course, no date to be found anywhere.

Playing on stage at LSD parties was, I can tell you, not easy. Those damned strobe lights made seeing the guitar & bass frets and Farfisa and Voxx organ keys hard to see. Might be why the San Francisco bands were so lame, Moby Grape the lone exception. When The Band played at Bill Graham venues, they asked him to skip the light show; that kind of thing had nothing to do with the music they played.

My friend & bandmate and I were hitch hiking on San Carlos Blvd. in San Jose in ’66, and got picked up by a couple of guys who looked like they were from Berkeley (if you know what I mean). They were driving an old early-50’s sedan, had big frizzy hair and beards, and were a lot older than we. One of them pulled an LP out of a bag to show us; it was The Fugs 1st album. I don’t know if it’s psychedelic (I’ve still not heard it), but I’m sure it’s weird.

One can’t help wondering if you can get acid flashbacks from contact highs?

some info on The Fugs,

“Their participation in the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam's 1967 March on the Pentagon, at which they and others purportedly attempted to encircle and levitate the Pentagon, is chronicled in Norman Mailer's book The Armies of the Night. A recording of this event is featured on the Fugs' 1968 album, Tenderness Junction, entitled "Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon Oct. 21, 1967".[14] Beforehand, Sanders and Kupferberg had prepared an elaborate exorcism ritual, and rented a flatbed truck along with a sound system.[3] As is heard on the album, the two gathered a large crowd in front of the Pentagon and repeatedly chanted, "Out, demons, out!"[3][14]