Psychedelic Get Down Party

60's/70's psychedelic lps, okay?

Let's start with this one:

First time "psychedelic rock" was put to print. (First time the term appears on a lp cover.)

I bet no one gets this.
Maybe if you cut all the first person shooter act and the deliberately bad hackney grammar, others might take you a little more seriously?

Just my musings.

Don't shoot me I'm only the Piano player.
I said Shelly Duval.

Meant Shelly Winters.
 Leary's LP was released in August '66, when Rusty Evans was recording his.
In '65 there was the group Psychedelic Rangers .
But no lps were released.

Lord. At least when I mixed up Barbara Eden with Barbara Feldon we got a hottie either way. But, Shelley Winters??
 When you want to go extreme Trans Cosmic-Trip Express, and utterly flip your lid -like Beany Boy and Cecil the Seasick Serpent - try TAKEHISHA KOSHUGI's "CatchWave" lp ,('75).
Greg Pawleko really goes for this one in his catalogue and warns that them who fly the heights dont necessarily come back down.
But a warning word - this is not yer melodic prog.Pretty it aint. Pure harrowing/mesmerizing Kosmic. Rather sparse, avant -lots of distorted vocals.
Sammmmy never checked, but Im certain this former leader of Taj Mahal Travellers and East Bionic Symphonia ('76),appears on the legendary Nurse With Wound Reference List (which all RIOists and noise-gardeners should indelibly commit to memory.)