Psychedelic Get Down Party

60's/70's psychedelic lps, okay?

Let's start with this one:

First time "psychedelic rock" was put to print. (First time the term appears on a lp cover.)

I bet no one gets this.
OK @sammmmmmy,

You know more than we/I do.

Will this suffice?
Maybe if you cut all the first person shooter act and the deliberately bad hackney grammar, others might take you a little more seriously?

Just my musings.

Don't shoot me I'm only the Piano player.
I said Shelly Duval.

Meant Shelly Winters.
 Leary's LP was released in August '66, when Rusty Evans was recording his.
In '65 there was the group Psychedelic Rangers .
But no lps were released.

Lord. At least when I mixed up Barbara Eden with Barbara Feldon we got a hottie either way. But, Shelley Winters??